20 of the biggest hypocrites to ever post on Facebook.

20 of the biggest hypocrites to ever post on Facebook.

Because Facebook automatically gives everyone an audience of hundreds, and sometimes thousands, people are naturally inclined to use it as a soapbox. Sometimes they do so with good intentions, but most of the time, they end up looking like idiots. What's even more satisfying than seeing someone publicly display their stupidity is when they get called out on it. Here is a collection of Facebook's best hypocrites. They will remind you that if you don't have anything that isn't preachy to say, you probably shouldn't say anything at all.

1. This self-hating man twerker.

2. This dude who is conflicted about cars.

3. This humblebragger.

4. This English professor.

5. This quote-stealer.


6. This reckless driver.

7. This narcissistic adventurer.

8. This complainer.

9. This shallow guy pretending to be deep.


10. This conflicted comedian.

11. This humble preacher.

12. This redundant redundant guy.

13. This hater pretending not to be a hater.


14. This self-promoter.

15. This "Adult Store" patron.

16. This secret Bieber lover.

17. This apostrophe abuser.


18. This not-so-virginal virgin.

19. This subtweeter on Facebook.

20. This "we get it" guy.