Waiter goes viral after posting creepy messages from customer who sexually harassed him.

Waiter goes viral after posting creepy messages from customer who sexually harassed him.

Friday was an "interesting" day for Troy Hibler, a waiter from San Marcos, Texas. And it's all because of a customer he served named Denise. During lunch, Denise posted these photos on Facebook, which Troy would later discover, because the internet is public (did you know that, Denise???):

"Having lunch," she wrote with a selfie of her and her waiter. "Got the best handsome gentleman waiter with the sexiest eyes I've ever seen."

This is over-the-top and kind of creepy from the get-go. But then things escalated quickly from kind of creepy to very, very creepy, because this happened:

Denise: Hey sexy thank you for accepting my friends request.

Troy: You're more than welcome! Thank y'all for coming through today.

Denise: Anytime my love

Denise: By the way I left with wet panties thank you lol


Posting the pics was creepy enough, but then sliding into his DM's?? And that last comment which I can't even repeat??? Denise, that's sooo not okay. This guy was serving her food, putting him in the awkward position of having to say "yes!" to things like posing for a selfie (because, tips!). Plus, there's the evident age difference. It's a lot of lines crossed, Denise.


If you're thinking "don't women go through this kind of B.S. on the reg?" that is correct. But because we live in a world of double standards, a male getting sexually harassed on-the-job by an older female was a recipe for viral fame.

Hibler tweeted about his "interesting day" and quickly went viral, wracking up over 12,000 retweets since Friday.

And thanks to his tweet going viral, we all got to learn of this startling plot twist:


Bro noooooooooo.

Given that Ms. V's face is now plastered all over the internet next to a comment about "wet panties," she might not be getting a lot of calls to substitute teach in the near future.

The moral of the story is: don't sexually harass your wait staff. Yes, Ms. V, even you, bro.