It's someone's aunt giving a kiss, if someone is asks what the hell 
you're looking at.
(via reddit)

Redditor MaMaJillianLeana was reading her kid a storybook brought home from school (a book of parody children's songs, "I'm Still Here In The Bathtub," when suddenly...this happened. If the Internet has done anything in it's long and storied history, it's made us all extremely sensitive to things that look like buttholes (special credit to Goatse). Then again, as most of the people reacting to this image pointed out, it's probably always looked like that. Proving yet again that the only way to illustrate a book with something really gross is to do it for people who are too young to know full well what a butthole right in their face looks like. 

Sources: redditor MaMaJillianLeana | I'm Still Here In The Bathtub