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10 Totally Unverified But Hilarious Tumblr Tales

10 Totally Unverified But Hilarious Tumblr Tales


I think Tumblr Tales should be a thing. Maybe an NPR segment or, at the very least, one on the local morning news. (I don’t know about you, but the news guy in my market is goofy as shit and could totally pull it off).

Until those ideas take off, though, you’ll just have to read these great stories (that I cannot promise are true) here on our site. Which isn’t so bad, is it?

10. This might be my favorite list ever


9. This cannot be real, but I so wish that it was

8. This would be just about the only thing that could get me to run faster, too

7. On the one hand, I love this but on the other hand, I’m not buying my own birthday prezzies

6. What?

5. So I would be dead

4. Lesson: Goats are assholes. Don’t try to hold them down.

3. Sometimes, life just comes full circle

2. I can’t believe she left us hanging as far as the mac and cheese, y’all

1. The fact that neither one of them said anything is my favorite part

h/t: Buzzfeed

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