Or maybe it's an elaborate prank designed to identify everyone over the age of 27 online.

God, I love Homestar Runner, but this April Fool's tradition just makes me nervous every year that it's going to be taken away again. At least this year the show addressed April Fool's head on, and seems to promise they won't mess with, at least.

Exactly one year ago today, April Fool's Day, a new video appeared on the most important Internet comedy site of all time,

This followed 3 years of total darkness. Obviously, everyone old enough to remember the Flash-based series that helped define online comedy was extremely excited, but the fact that it appeared on April Fool's Day...made everyone nervous, to say the least. Fortunately, the Brothers Chaps (the show's creators) started an actual modern YouTube channel and have posted a handful of Strong Bad Emails, shorts, and New Number One Jams over the year. It's nowhere near the update pace of early-2000s Homestar, but I'm just glad it's back. And that Strong Bad is finally on Twitter:

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