The Internet loves your prank! LOL, JK!

Oh, what stupid webs we weave when we tell the web we've deceived. (via reddit)

Update 11:45 a.m. 3/25/15: Redditor griffunk and his girlfriend verified their existence and their continued relationship despite his idea of what's funny (see at bottom).

Redditor griffunk and his girlfriend apparently have a very strong and loving relationship. They better, because that doofus accidentally got the whole Interwebs angry at him because of the silly little prank he played on laundry day. Knowing she would at some point be putting socks in his sock drawer, he put a ring box there, figuring (correctly) that her urge to see if it was an engagement ring would prove overwhelming. Inside the box, however, was merely a Post-It note reading "LOL, JK."

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