If I could force Jenny Slate to always talk in this voice, I would, because it's awesome.

Marcel the Shell, if you're not aware, is the name of a tiny, sneaker-clad sentient shell (voiced by Jenny Slate) who happens to be one of the most popular characters in Internet history. We've written about him before, and the release of a new Marcel the Shell video is always a big deal in the web video world. One big fan of the series is Conan O'Brien, who loves to have Jenny Slate do the voice when she comes on his show. Here, the SNL alum reveals that not only does she talk to herself as Marcel at home, but she also does some solo karaoke as the character, whom she believes is a perfect stand-in for Stevie Nicks when signing Fleetwood Mac's classic "Landslide." Compare her performance here to Nicks (at bottom) and see what you think.

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