Internet video star Miranda Sings turned the atrocious comments on her videos into a song, and it's amazingly only three minutes long.

Colleen Ballinger, who makes videos under the name Miranda Sings, was pretty tired of the nasty Internet comments that daily assaulted her, her appearance, and the English language, so she took the worst ones and made a catchy little song out of them called "Reading Mean Comments."

No, "nikki bear," YOUR haribile. (Via YouTube)

Ballinger didn't want the unrelenting nastiness to "affect her in a negative way," and instead did her thing to turn the tables on those who publicly and anonymously called her a "stupeh bish," a "freeck," and "unngly."

She got the last laugh, but she also got the last last laugh, because, as she points out in the song, "Your comments make me money and you're paying my bills."

Sources: YouTube | Buzzfeed