A Verizon FiOS customer received a threatening letter after using 7 terabytes of data per month for several months.

Don't let the lowercase "v" fool you. They mean business. (Getty)

Most of us are used to dealing with data limits on our wireless plans. But unlimited data on our home Internet is something we take for granted. That's not the case for one Verizon FiOS customer, who found out what the limit is on a so-called unlimited data plan: 7 terabytes per month.

If you're not a tech head, here's how much data that is. 7 terabytes is equal to approximately 119,000 hours of MP3 music, 3,500 hours of video, or 2,170,000 photos. And that's how much this user was transferring every month. He told DSL Reports that he was using that data for volunteer web crawling projects like SETI@Home. He was donating his data to help find aliens!

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