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13 only children reveal the things that people with siblings will never understand.

13 only children reveal the things that people with siblings will never understand.


As a person with a sibling, I'll never know what it feels like to be an only child (no matter how much I may have tried). On Reddit, children who grew up without siblings shared the things that people with brothers and sisters will just never understand. Like how difficult it is to play one-person Battleship and how the weight of their parents' dreams and expectations fall squarely on the only child's shoulders. Then again, only children missed out on all the fun of the "Why Are You Hitting Yourself?" game.

Siblings, read on to find out what it's like to grow up as an only child. Only children, read on because you'll definitely relate.


1. Via makoman115

That if we marry another only child, our children will have 0 cousins, aunts, or uncles.

2. Via mandy-bo-bandy

I am great at socializing with adults...not so much my peers

3. Via Ipoopedinthefridge

Now I'm older I've realized that I will be alone when they are gone. Also when the time goes and one parent dies I will be nearly all the other one is left with. I don't feel adult enough to have to deal with that.

4. Via H3d0n1st

All of your parents' hopes and dreams fall on your shoulders. And all of the responsibility of taking care of them when they're older.


5. Via karonhiakatste

Your parents will follow you to the ends of the earth.

My mom is almost completely dependent on me for companionship because growing up it was only me and her. It's nice to be close, but now that I'm older and independent, it's awkward when she "jokes" that she wants to move in with me and my partner when I know a part of her is very serious.

6. Via Lavrentiiy

When your parents die, there's no one else in the world who knows exactly how it feels. You're the only human being on the planet that knew those people as parents; you are completely, totally alone.


7. Via dinosaregaylikeme

My favorite board game is Clue and Battleship.

Imagination lets me play other board games by myself, except those two.

8. Via Enekeri

Getting in trouble and not having someone else to pin the blame on.

9. Via revolutionutena

How your friends become your siblings - but for your friends WITH siblings you don’t become theirs.

Growing up (and still) I had/have a core group of friends - 1 is an only child and the others all had brothers and sisters. I feel closer to this set of friends than almost anyone else after 25+ years (even my husband) but I’m always aware that they have siblings who THEY are closer to than me. For me that’s the loneliest part.

EDIT: case in point - when I got married they were all bridesmaids in my wedding. But when they got married I wasn’t a bridesmaid in any of their weddings because they kept it “family only” for the participants. They had absolutely every right to have their weddings be precisely what they want, AND it was something I felt very aware of.

10. Via VictorBlimpmuscle

When I got to college, and even after college, I found it difficult to have roommates because I was used to things being just “my way” in my living space as I hadn’t had to share that space with other peers for years while growing up. Took me a long time to learn to cohabitate with others.


11. Via Carrotpurse

I’ve never been punched or hit or kicked! I think for people with siblings that’s surprising because siblings often get physical in their arguments.

12. Via Smeman

If you have trouble with your parents you don't really have someone to talk to who is that close to your parents as you are and who understands like you do. So it is only you who has to deal with your parents' frustration of life, their disappointment in you, their anger because you don't live your life like they wanted you to do.


13. Via OverlyExcitedCoffee

I need my alone time. I'm not being antisocial, i'm not a hermit.

I had 20+ years of keeping myself entertained and it's exhausting to have constant chatter in the background now. Sometimes i just want to be alone with my thoughts.

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