To GoPro Award winners like Edward Muggridge, kayaking off a 60-foot waterfall in the Mexican jungle is a life-affirming experience. As opposed to a simply death-defying one. Watch at the peril of your own fear of heights.

The waterfall, called Tomata 2 and located on the Rio Jalacingo, is a beautiful beast of a cascade and pretty much the perfect setting to take your GoPro and record incredible stunts (or deaths).

GoPro writes that they give "cash awards for our favorites in each category," but it can't be nearly enough money to make it worth that harrowing drop.


If you crave more wild stunts where no one got hurt so it's cool, here's a man base jumping in a pink gorilla outfit. 

Brave. Because that outfit would be the most embarrassing thing to be found dead in after a base jumping accident. 

Sources: GoPro