Fool me once, shame on you. Fool the award-winning journalists at Mother Jones...way to go, dude!

Update 1/21/15: The original author, humorist and Yahoo Tech editor Jason O. Gilbert, has come forward with a post in Medium, "I've Been Plagiarized!" I apologize for not catching it sooner, but as you will see below, we were the only blog to realize he was ripping off someone's content.

On January 14, I wrote in glowing tones about an ad posted by a would-be Ivy League-educated dogwalker to Craigslist in Seattle. I literally called it the "Great American Craigslist Ad," because it so perfectly summed up the sound and the ethos of what viral Craigslist ads should be. Basically, while promising to be so awesome that he would make your dog's nipples hard, he also offered his human clients the benefit of looking down on an over-educated failure reduced to picking up dog poop. It was great.

Unfortunately, not only was the ad fake, but it was copied word-for-word from an ad posted (and sent somewhat viral) all the way back in 2011.

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