In 2005, the limit was 10 minutes per video, so let's start with the short one.

Ten years ago, every group of friends had that one weird person who had curated a vast library of bizarre videos they found online. Then, YouTube was invented. That person went back to having no friends, viral videos reached exponentially more people, and soon we were treated to a steady stream of original content, not-so-original content, and the preservation of embarrassing moments for all time.

It's been a wild ride, and to celebrate this splendiferous decade of digital video, two great mash-ups were made. Zapatou, a prolific montage editor (montage editors are the direct descendants of weird friends who curated web videos pre-2005), created the rapid-fire tribute up top, but if you want some more information and history with your anniversary montage, check out this epic 17-minute stroll through history with The Daily Conversation's "10 Years of YouTube: Evolution of Viral Video." It comes complete with view counts, original dates, and facts about how each video went viral:

Sources: Zapatou | The Daily Conversation