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People are sharing the most heinous 'meals' they've ever been served in someone's home.

People are sharing the most heinous 'meals' they've ever been served in someone's home.


There's almost nothing worse than being forced out of politeness to eat someone else's cooking when it's straight up disgusting. But that's what happens when you roll the dice and decide to eat a meal at someone else's house. Over on Reddit people are sharing the stories of the worst meals they've ever eaten either at someone else's house, or prepared by someone else at their own place. Get ready to gag.

1. Via pinupgal

My mother in law regularly serves undercooked poultry (my husband then cooks it for us), and once served “almond cookies” for dessert, but bought Parmesan cheese instead of ground almonds. She realized this after she baked them, knew it, and still served them as dessert.

Every single dinner there is a guarantee she’ll say “I don’t know what I did wrong” with at least one dish.

EDITED TO ADD: husband just said she had the containers in the fridge on top of each other, in very similar packages. It didn’t occur to her to read, nor to throw them out when she realized what she had done. They were terrible, for those asking.

2. Via Still_Mighty

My nana raised five boys on my papa’s NCO salary. Nothing went to waste, she’d freeze leftovers to re use later but did not have a great labeling system.

Dad and his brothers had oatmeal for breakfast but didn’t manage to finish all of it one morning, so Nana froze the rest. She pulled it out of the freezer a few weeks later thinking it was ground beef, only realizing her mistake after it was thawed. She didn’t have the money to waste perfectly good food, so she made oatmeal “meatloaf” for dinner.

Another time she thawed a jug of leftover egg whites thinking it was lemon juice. She poured some sugar in it, thinking lemonade would be a nice treat on a summer day.

My dad said he remembered he and my uncles protested that lemonade shouldn’t be frothy. Papa silenced them all with a glare, tried the “lemonade” made a sour face and a gruff comment that he had to go work in the yard, leaving his glass behind.

3. Via cursethedarkness

My grandmother was such a terrible cook that once when she was cooking corned beef, I walked into her kitchen and promptly threw up due to the smell.

My dad once said that he thought she was a good cook until he went into the army. He wasn't trying to be funny, it was just an honest observation.

4. Via logwagon

When I was around 9 or 10, my friend's mom offered me a half a stick of butter as a snack. Apparently my friend's favorite afternoon snack was a full stick of butter. I declined as respectfully as you might expect a 9 or 10 year old would.

5. Via ElephantTickle

Brother’s wife put 5 boneless chicken breasts in a pan, poured canned peaches and canned pears over them, and baked at 350 for an hour. Nothing else. It was a secret family recipe she grew up with and loved. It was terrible and I felt poisoned.

6. Via Chazkuangshi

Does it count if it was my home but a new roomie?

Roomie wanted to cook for us to celebrate us all getting our first apartment together. He made cinnamon covered chicken breast. We tried our best but couldn't handle it.

He put cinnamon in again when he made Mac and cheese. When we admitted we didn't care for it he insisted it was because we were used to eating tv dinners and crap and had never experienced gourmet cooking before.

Which admittedly, we hadn't, but if that's gourmet cooking, I'm happy to be ignorant.

7. Via President_Calhoun

It wasn't so much a bad meal, but the method of serving was... different. A friend invited me and a couple of other friends to dinner when I was in high school. His mom served homemade chicken soup, which was fine. There was chocolate cake for dessert, but instead of serving it on separate plates, she went around to each of our places and sliced off a piece into each of our soup bowls, each of which still had some broth. Chocolate cake flavored with chicken broth is not a flavor I really want to repeat.

8. Via ottersrus

This is a meal served by someone else in my own home.

My dad was a pretty abusive guy growing up but for the sake of us kids Mum used to invite him to stay with us when he had access visits here rather than us flying over there. One year he brought his girlfriend along. She, being relatively lovely, decided to cook dinner to thank Mum for hospitality.

So she serves up a strange meat casserole full of bones. Mum said, "Oh, this looks nice". Girlfriend says, "Oh, I hope you don't mind, I used the bag of meat in the freezer". Mum pauses, and kicks me under the table and shakes her head fiercely at me. We don't eat the casserole, claiming not to be hungry. Mum watches intently as Dad eats the entire lot, including my serving.

Later she informed me: the bag of meat was dog food. She relished the opportunity to watch Dad eat dog food, whilst sparing me from the same fate.

Edit: Literally the only thing Mum was concerned about was how the dog would feel, having lost his treats. She swore he knew, and said he looked at my dad and the girlfriend with "judgey eyes" and an "expression of betrayal".

9. Via Viscerid

Friend’s dad when I was young had the distinct skill of barbecuing meat which is burnt black on the outside and raw on the inside.

Also I recall at the same house when they had a roast and were slicing it - their dog was on the counter, biting into or licking every piece they slice before they finished cutting, and served the plate as is on the table.

10. Via ScullysBagel

Undercooked chicken with strawberry yogurt as a topping (cooked with the yogurt plopped on top) and an orange slice as a garnish.

Truly bizarre.

11. Via Bawbnweeve

My sister tried her hand at ranch potatoes. But since she didn’t have the ranch seasoning she just decided to pour ranch dressing over raw potatoes and bake it. Nothing like hot greasy ranch glop over semi cooked red potatoes.

12. Via thallbetheday

A stir fry with a cup of vinegar in it. My friend misread the instructions that said 1 tablespoon and put a cup in instead.

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