I have picked Jenna Marbles for this picture...because I can actually recognize her.

Back in the day, YouTube just hosted stuff, and it was up to the people who actually made videos to create end-of-the-year retrospectives of the most popular videos on the web. No more! YouTube is a big, commercial entertainment network now, and nothing hammers that point home harder than YouTube Rewind, which features dozens of YouTube celebrities (and Jimmy Kimmel, whose presence means you should trust nothing you see in this video) getting paid to recreate the stuff that amateurs and megastars like Nicki Minaj created over the year. You should make sure to check out the credits at the end to see who everyone in the video was (I've also posted the cast list at the bottom of the article), but in the meantime, enjoy this extremely high-production-value trip through short-term memory lane as you re-live all the joyously wasted minutes of 2014.

Sources: YouTube Rewind