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15 people share the worst advice they've ever received.

15 people share the worst advice they've ever received.


Receiving wisdom and advice from other people can be a true gift.

But it's all advice is equal, and some people aren't equipped to give anyone else guidance on how to give a meaningful or healthy life.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared the worst advice they've ever received, and it's truly a wild ride.

1. From BrobdingnagLilliput:

"Don't study computer programming. The market is probably going to be saturated by the time you graduate."

From a computer science professor in the mid-80s.

2. From shmoopiefunk:

My husband needed a medical card after his heart failure from viral cardiomyopathy. The social worker told me I should get pregnant so we would qualify for help with his medical costs. I was 24 and lived in Ohio. I was horrified. She listed all the "help" we could get if I could get pregnant. He was in an ICU ward recovering from heart surgery. I walked out of there just disgusted

3. From oh_jaimito:

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