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31 fed-up people share the advice that they absolutely hate the most.

31 fed-up people share the advice that they absolutely hate the most.


Nothing is less valuable than advice you didn't ask for. But sometimes, even when we do ask, it's crap advice anyway.

Reddit user Daiziea posed this question:

'What advice do you hate the most?'


'Do what you love as a job and you'll never work a day in your life'. My experience has been 'Do what you love as a job and it will suck all the love out of it.' - Ladon1949


'eVeRyThInG hApPeNs FoR a ReAsOn.' Every time I hear someone say this shit to a woman who miscarried I want to punch them in the neck. - DCnTILLY


Just buy 10 properties when you're 24. Set for life. - Visionarii


'Don't go to bed angry.' Stupid advice, pushing an argument in place of sleeping over it is ridiculous. Often you wake up and the argument seems small and petty in retrospect. - SemiSentientGarbage


'It gets better.' When? Been waiting nearly 40 years. - dirtymoney


All the motivational rat race bullsh!t that I see on social media about working your ass off towards economic and social 'success'. Don't let these fuckers force you into their delusions of grandeur, your worth has nothing to do with private jets and expensive suits, you do you. - Proactiveselfdefence


“Sleep when the baby sleeps.' I can’t sleep whilst I’m driving, SUSAN. - TittiesMcGee103


ZhaoYun_3 says:

'I'm gunna show you this ONE thing to turn your life around, make you rich, lose fat, get a girl and fulfill your wildest dreams!!!! But FIRST, like, subscribe, follow, sign up to patreon, comment and share with your friends...'

*Queue 15 minute long video of self righteous, utter nonsense, rambling and un-skippable ads, to get to the end and not be told anything other than an amalgamation of vague tid bits.


Quit your 9 to 5 job and start a business. - maryraul


'There are 2 kinds of rats in a bucket of water. One will give up and drown and the other will fight its way up or die trying. Which one are you?' Someone told me this at my lowest point in my life, might just have been me but this really put the nail in the coffin at that time. - Legal-Technician-831

To which venustrapsflies replies:

Baffling analogy, both of the rats still die in this scenario lol


“Don’t sh*t where you eat”. So many people find love at work. - LetsEatUsedUndies


'Just ignore him, you're giving him more power by being upset.' B!tch, the alleged adults not holding the bully accountable is what is giving him power. FrustratedKaijuFan


“If you don’t like your job, just go and get another one.” IF IT WAS THAT SIMPLE I WOULDN’T BE IN A JOB I HATE. - snailcryptid


Cheaters never prosper. F%cking bullsh!t. - Scioneirw


From Locuralacura:

I live in a rented shack, literally. Whenever I say my home is intolerable, my boomer friends with nice houses chime in and let me know that 'if I work hard, save money, and focus, I too can own a home.'

B*tch, let's play Monopoly, but I get to roll the dice and go around the board for 20 minutes before you start the game. After I own everything and YOU have to pay rent for the privilege of existing, tell me again about hard work and tenacity.

I wanna be there telling them 'Just roll the dice boomer! You can't win if you don't play!' The boomer friends would absolutely flip the board and rage quit. This is my life. How can I rage quit besides being homeless?


“It could be worse.” - Dogsequalserotonin


'Train until it hurts and train more'. Alot of times people quit or rarely go to the gym, exercise because they overworked themselves on the first day thus resulting in them losing motivation. Not to mention injuries that slow down the training process. - HansNagelsmann


“It will come when you least expect it.” - Downtown-Ad5424


Parents know what's best for you. - Prior-Lavishness-344


'Everything will be alright' or 'Everything will work out just fine' I absolutely HATE IT! Unless you can predict the future, don't try to shush me with meaningless words. - Nearby_Highlight6536


You have to love yourself first in order to DESERVE love. - RepresentativeName18


'It is what it is' No. Ima do whatever I can to fix it and feel better with it, not just take it. - Aubreyisntrealthe1st


Talking about kids and I confidently don't want any kids at all, they say 'You'll want kids, trust me.' They also say 'who's going to take care of you when you're old !?' I'm waiting for my vasectomy appointment from the Dr. - SlowCarGiggles


Any financial advice that boils down to 'just remove all unnecessary luxuries from your life, spend only on subsistence' as if cutting Netflix will somehow magically fix a decade of stagnant wages, spiralling inflation and deliberately over-priced housing. - Zoomy-333


Parenting advice........just don't.....even if you might be family but you don't understand my kid better than me. - ringo5150


Be the bigger person. - liiibee07


'Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.' F%ck you. You made it so I can’t afford the boots. - TheDogWithShades


'God always helps those who help themselves' and as a runner up, 'God works in mysterious ways....' - darkcaretaker


'If you have a problem with America, then leave.' I truly wish I could. - Rubigenuff


'Think outside the box.' There is no f%cking box and relying on a cliche is hardly doing something different. - Maybethistimeitllbe


Time heals all. - forex_1911

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