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'Am I wrong not to change my son's name because my sister wants it?'

'Am I wrong not to change my son's name because my sister wants it?'


When a new father found that drama came as soon as his newborn did, he posted on Reddit to ask if he was actually the jerk in this situation. See for yourself:

AITA (Am I the as*hole) for not “consulting” my sister when my wife and I picked our baby’s name?

u/Throwawayacc_0983 writes:

My (27m) and my wife (26f) have been together since we were 16. We got married two years ago and just had our first child. For the sake of privacy, I’ll call our child “Mason.” When we announced our baby’s name at his birth, everyone seemed happy.

But after everyone gave my wife and I time to bond with our son, my sister (25f) asked me if she could talk to me. When we were in private, she blew up at me saying I was betraying her by naming my child Mason. She said his name was on a list of “potential baby names” if she had a boy.

I had not known about this list beforehand so that was a surprise. She asked me to change my son’s name because apparently Mason was one of two names she chose for a boy. My father sided with me but my mother sided with my sister. AITA (Am I the as*hole)?

And later, he added:

EDIT: ok I’m going to answer some questions: No she is not in a relationship/married. She’s not pregnant as far as I know. She doesn’t want to go to therapy because it will “brainwash” her. (I don’t get her reasoning on that) She was the golden child growing up because she was a high risk pregnancy.

And now onto the update: It’s been a day since my wife and I had our son. I got a call from my sister today asking if I’ve changed the name. I said no.

She got pissed off at me and continued to berate me about “stealing” her baby name because she had “mentioned” it at a Christmas party last year to our mother and assumed she told me. (My wife and I had to leave 10 minutes in due to my wife not feeling well. Turns out that’s how we found out we were pregnant.)

I told her she could use her other choice as a name for a son and she said ‘“Colton” (fake name) isn’t as good as Mason. Mason’s a strong boy name, and well… Colton’s the opposite. Since you and your wife are both professors I think you would like the name Colton better.’

I was so pissed off at her that I hung up. Looking for something to do, I suggested to my wife that she take a nap so I could take care of Mason. She asked if I was okay (she heard the call) and I said yes and that I loved her and our family just the way it was.

There’s absolutely no way we were changing his name and I’m honestly debating on cutting my sister out of my life as of now. I cannot deal with this drama and a newborn.

What do you think? It clearly means a lot to his sister, should OP apologize or just give in? Or does his sister need a serious reality check?

Reddit ruled a unanimous NTA (not the as*hole).

AstariaEriol says:

I can’t believe you wouldn’t double check with your childless sister to see if she had a secret future baby name list that conflicted with the name of your actual baby. NTA. The only thing that would make this better is if she’s single.

OP u/Throwawayacc_0983 answered:

She is. She just wants to have kids in the future, “preferably boys” (her words not mine.)

Metaphises comments:

NTA. My husband and I wanted to name any daughter we had after one of his grandmothers who died before we started having kids. We now have 2 sons and 0 daughters. His sister had a daughter just before our eldest was born and named her after the grandmother. We said 'That's sweet' and moved on to our next set of names. Your sister needs to move on. Congrats on the kiddo!

Annonymouse211 agrees:

She claimed names before being pregnant even? Lunacy. She has no right to theoretical names when your kid actually exists. NTA and congrats on the new lil peanut.

Jitterbitten writes:

Seriously! It's bizarre that she thinks it's reasonable to suggest that an actual existing child needs to be renamed so she can hopefully use that name on some potential future child not even in utero yer. It's a completely ridiculous request. And it's crazy enough that she's thinking it but that anyone is actually supporting that stupidity? This is literally insane.

Used-Situation shares:

My childless SIL has loves the name Abigail and if she ever has a daughter that will be her name. I know this because she has told me multiple times. If a name is that important to you you mentioned something before the baby is named. I don't think it's weird to claim a name when you don't have a kid yet it is however an AH move to try and claim it after a baby's already been named it.

skeeballbob37 says:

nta ......... tell her you made her choice easy, now she can go with the other name. tell her if she pisses you off you will have another boy and take the other name too.

Glittering-War-5748 asks:

The real question, is why didn’t she consult with you about your list? Why does her list have dominance? Is it… because it’s hers??

And LtDan281 points out:

NTA. Your sister, too, could name a child of her own Mason when/if that time came. Your sister would be the only one preventing herself from doing so.

Sources: Reddit
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