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Maid of honor tells bride it's not her fault 'she's prettier' than her.

Maid of honor tells bride it's not her fault 'she's prettier' than her.


It's not technically a wedding if some beautiful family drama doesn't erupt from the group chat to the open bar to the dance floor, right?

While brides can unfairly earn themselves a 'bridezilla' title simply for having a strict wedding vision, there are some people who really take their wedding day attitude to a whole new level of bratty little diva.

So, when a conflicted maid of honor decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As*hole' about whether or not she was wrong to choose the low road and snap at her jealous sister, people were quick to help deem a verdict.

AITA (Am I the As*hole) for telling the bride that it's not my fault I'm prettier than her?

I (23F) and my sister (25F) have always had a good relationship, that's until she began a relationship with her now husband (25M). I never really knew what started the downfall, but through lots of thought and intervention from friends and family I now know its because he had a crush on me when we were teens, (we all went to the same high school.

I was quite happy when she introduced him to the family since she had some rough times in her life and she seemed super happy with him, a plus was that he was MUCH nicer than her other boyfriends.

But as we continued to see and talk to each other at family functions she just kept getting more cold towards me, it was a surprise when I had got invited to the wedding let alone as the maid of honor.

I thought maybe she knew she was in the wrong by being jealous for no reason since I had no plans to try and 'steal' him from her or even bring up his high school crush on me. But once plans for the wedding began that's when everything goes downhill quick.

She had made plans for the dresses, everyone's dress was to be low cut and fitted but I was to wear a scoop neckline and long sleeves, I accepted because I was doing whatever I could to get my sister back. Then everyone was to wear extravagant makeup with bright colors (yellow and pink) while I had to wear the minimum of that (more natural looking).

I felt really out of place but I'd do anything for my sister. The wedding went smoothly! Everything went to plan, everything was beautiful but then the reception came and my sister was mad at literally everyone. Not talking to me and trying to outcast me even more!

I eventually pulled her aside and asked her what I did wrong. She completely went off and yelled at me about how her husband had always had a crush on me and how I shouldn't have even been at the wedding and it was only for the family that I was even there, since apparently my mom forced her to make me maid of honor, and how apparently her husband was looking at ME the entire time!

Me being the sarcastic person I am and being completely done with her bullsh*t had the fantastic decision to say, 'Well it's not my fault I'm prettier than you.' I left right after that and later got a bunch of calls and messages from family and friends saying that I need to apologize and that she shouldn't have to feel bad on her wedding day. I've been thinking about apologizing but I also believe she deserves it, so AITA? Should I apologize?

Everyone knows you're not supposed to wear white to someone else's wedding, propose to your partner at the reception, or tell the bride that you're prettier than her, right?

That's all written in the wedding code of conduct handbook! Of course, the jury of internet strangers was eager to weigh in on this epic and petty wedding drama. Here's what people had to say:

C_Noel said:

If she can’t even trust her new husband around her sister then she should have never married him. I don’t see this marriage lasting long. NTA (Not the As*hole).

murphy2345678 said:

I am going with NTA. Your sister deliberately tried to make you look uglier than everyone else. She knew that her husband had a crush on you in school. Before she got married she knew that he still had a crush on you because she saw it at family get together.

Pushing you away didn’t take his attraction to you away so she made you wear a different dress & makeup. She shouldn’t have married someone who would trade her for you in a second.

iwonderifillever said:

ESH (Everyone Sucks Here). Sister obviously suck for blaming you for her husbands wandering eye, but your comment was not sarcastic, it was just mean. You could have taken the high road, been the better person, but you showed your mean side. Makes me wonder if there are other reasons your sister doesn't like you. You should have just asked her how this was your fault, pointed out that you had kept your head low and followed her every request. That way you would have come out on top.

petulafaerie said:

ESH. Although your sister a bit more sucky than you. Your sister clearly has serious jealous issues that she should be in therapy for. If she’s seriously worried her now-husband still harbors feelings for her sister than why the fuck would she marry that person? And why would she think he was still harboring feelings from a high school crush when you’re now in your 20s?

She has to know her jealousy is unfounded on some level to go through with the marriage, but logic is losing out to anxiety and fear, and that’s therapy time. If he is still harboring feelings for you, she should be angry at him not you - you’re not responsible for the way people feel about you, just the way you treat them.

But your response was unnecessarily cruel. All it did was reinforce all her anxieties and insecurities about herself compared to you. It sounds like you’ve been hurt by her behavior and waited until her actual wedding day to decide to air out these issues, which is inappropriate.

You should have spoken to her about it before or after the wedding, rather than at the event. There’s a time and place for difficult conversations, and a wedding with the bride is not that time or place. You should both apologize to each other and I think your sister needs a therapist for her insecurities and jealousy problems.

So, there you have it!

While the opinions were slightly mixed here, most people agreed that this maid of honor has a right to be upset with her sister, but telling her that she was the pretty one on her wedding day might have been a step too far. Getting revenge on a bridezilla is always satisfying, but the sister-on-sister wedding day bloodbath is pretty hardcore. Good luck, everyone!

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