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19 evil geniuses share their best April Fool's Day pranks.

19 evil geniuses share their best April Fool's Day pranks.


April Fools Day is tomorrow and who loves a good prank more than the internet?

Reddit user Christopurrrrr took to the forums to ask people to share the best goofs they have ever pulled off. Creativity takes many forms and this is definitely one of them.

1. Trapped in a Nicolas Cage

If they use Google Chrome, install the extension 'nCage It'. It changes EVERY image (including google logo, thumbnails, etc.) into randomly generated pics/gifs of Nicolas Cage. - GamingIsFast

2. Growing as a Writer

Here's what I've got planned: Got the IT guy to give me a broken keyboard. I'm going to take a bunch of chia seeds, plaster them underneath the keys, spend a few days watering it, and then switch it for my coworker's keyboard that morning. - pukkileroux

3. Googly Eye Surprise

We put googly eyes on everything in the fridge to shock the kids in the morning. We thought it was freakin hilarious and were totally impressed with our cleverness. Our kids were not impressed in the slightest. Not sure they even noticed... - babeegotback

4. Clean Mouth

I did this one last year. I work at a restaurant. We have these spray bottles with a light pink solution we use to clean tables and such. I went and grabbed a brand new one and filled it with watered down pink lemonade.

I would be cleaning near my co workers , while chatting with them and nonchalantly unscrew the top spray/ trigger piece and just started downing it like I was dying of thirst. The look of horror on some of their faces was priceless. - tharkus_

5. 🎼This is How You Remind Me🎼

Create scheduled tasks on their computer to play an annoying song, at an annoying time. We did this to a co-worker. Every day, 1:15, his computer would start to play Nickleback. 3:45, Taylor Swift. - Tax_Dollars_at_Work

6. Fender Fibber

Put notes on people's cars telling them 'sorry about the damage'. They will spend forever looking for it. - that_guy_fry

7. Party Swap

I'm moving into my new house on April 1st, so I can throw a huge party and invite a ton of people- to the old place. - tryallthescience

8. Toilet Trouble

Put dry macaroni under the toilet seat, so it'll sound like the toilet breaks when someone sits on it. - tonightelvisisdead

9. Chocolate Surprise

Take off the lid to the shower drain. Shove in a plastic bag with some chocolate milk powder mix in it. Secure the bag with the drain cover and cut off any excess bits of plastic. Wait for sounds of disgust as brown water starts coming up from the drain while they're showering. - Dysthymike

10. A Kindess Attack

Bring a box of creme-filled donuts to work. Regular creme-filled donuts. Put a note on the box that says 'Happy April 1!' Watch everyone get paranoid about what you didn't actually do to the donuts. - KillerEggplant

11. Made You Look

So what I did to my brother last year is this. Put a sign that says 'gullible' on the ceiling. Take a picture of it. Take the sign down. Our conversation went like this:

Me: 'It says gullible on the ceiling.' Brother: 'No it doesn't, I'm not a idiot' Me: 'fine if you won't look then ill take a picture of it for you' (pretend to take picture and show them the picture you took earlier) Brother: 'I guess it really does' (looks up) 'Fuck you'

I love screwing with him. - Sithis1415

12. Mouse Trap

I did this a few times at my last job and it was hilarious. If a co-worker walks away from their computer and leaves it unlocked go into the mouse settings and change the primary cursor icon to the loading icon so it always looks like the computer is thinking. I had one co-worker sit for 10 minutes bitching at his computer because it was taking forever, I finally couldn't stop laughing and told him what was up. - Stratocast7

13. Tires and Roses

Put a picture of Slash from Guns n Roses on a coworker's tires and tell them you slashed their tires. - mutboi

14. Birthday Heist

Pulled this on my wife two years ago. I logged into her Facebook and changed her birthday to April 1st. Wishes came flooding in. - Psyrkus

15. Secret Safari

Leave a note for a family member, roommate, or coworker to call back a Mr. Lyon with a number for the local zoo. - tapehead4

16. Taste the Rainbow?

Put out a bowl filled with M&Ms, Skittles, and Reese's Pieces. - timsstuff

17. Feng Shui Furniture

Move every piece of furniture 2 inches to the right. Subtle but sweet. - NutOnMeDaddy

18. Dessert Deception

Freeze mashed potatoes. Scoop frozen mashed onto cones. Serve the kids vanilla ice cream cones for dessert. The look on their faces after they take a big bite is amazing! Cheap, funny and harmless. - Shelsstuff

19. The Truth

I like to tell people it's my birthday, and they always say 'Hahaha, yeah right. Good one.' And then I cry inside a little, because April 1 really is my birthday. - TheOffendingHonda

Think you can top any of these?

Sources: Reddit
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