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22 people share the 'incredibly American' things we don't think of as American.

22 people share the 'incredibly American' things we don't think of as American.


When Reddit user u/SuperbPizza7252 posed a question to the popular AskReddit forum, internet scourers everywhere were very willing and able to share their answer.

'What's an incredibly American thing Americans don't realize is American?'

1. fry_tag writes:

Gaps in doors of public toilets. Why is that a thing?

2. InvadingDuck says:

Free refills. I drank a lot of soda as a kid so when I moved to France I found out real quick most places will charge you by the can. We found a self-serve fountain drink at a French Subway and got yelled at when we tried to refill our cups.

On that same note, ice in drinks. A lot of places I visited overseas don't put ice in your drinks. In the US, you specifically have to ask 'no ice' at most places since ice is the default.

3. Ill-Organization-719 comments:

Thinking about healthcare. They act like people in countries with universal Healthcare are constantly thinking about it, and thinking about American Healthcare as if it's 'the other option'. It's as ridiculous as paying taxes, but then also having to pay an additional fee on top of that for the roads you drive on.

4. Cnnlgns writes:

Pledging allegiance to a flag.

5. From 6bfmv2:

Everything drive-through... not only fast food restaurants, but also banks. This is very strange for europeans.

6. Cuish says:

MM/DD/YYYY date format.

7. CazzaMcSpazza comments:

Ranch dressing.

Mr_Mojo_Risin_83 elaborates:

It's actually even called 'american flavour' in many parts of the world.

8. From swithers97:

Mass attending school/college sports events. They pack out stadiums and arenas and in the UK we are lucky to get a few hundred and on the odd occasion a few thousand spectators at a youth game.

9. fern-grower says:

Eating peanut butter. I know it's available all over but no country consumes it like the US.

10. From remes1234:

Tornados. Like 90% of the worlds tornados happen in the US.

11. Mrs_Wheelyke writes:

Big bottles of ibuprofen, apparently. Or at least I've seen non-Americans in shock that we can get 500 bad boys straight off the shelf, no blister packs.

inksmudgedhands has a theory:

That's the thing I've seen across Europe. The majority of them have easy, walkable access to things like ibuprofen because the pharmacy is literally across the street from where they live. As a result they will only buy what they need at that moment.

It's like, Oh, while I am here, let me go next door to the green grocer to pick up a tomato and a stick of butter and next to that is a bakery. I'll pick up a baguette.

Meanwhile, basic shopping in the US is a journey that you need a car for. We buy for the whole week or more in order not to waste time or gas. So, yes, we get the bottle of 500 pills. But we expect that bottle to last us for months and months and months.

12. GodEmperorOfHell comments:

Expressing your racial background in percentages.

13. xcixjames (who's cool with 10% tips) says:

I saw a post on Twitter today about a waitress being angry at Europeans not tipping her more than $70 on an order of $700. Having to fund someones weekly wage because their employer is too tight with money is definitely an American thing.

14. unfudgable writes:

Drug ads on TV.

15. Laaxx comments:

Americans assuming that Reddit users are only American. The number of posts or comments that are so American-centric that not a a thought goes into will the global users understand/comprehend or not clearly explained that this is an American topic.

16. GoodLordChokeAnABomb says:

Red party cups.

17. From LucyVialli:

Homecoming. No other country has it, as far as I know. Still not sure I even understand the concept properly.

18. GrumpyJenkins gets serous:

Incarceration, and for-profit prison systems.

19. From Bar_ki:

Home Owners Association. If someone on my street tried telling me what I can and can't do with my property I would tell them to f*ck right off.

20. yerLerb writes:

Knowing how to pronounce Arkansas.

21. geo_jam is almost sure:

I can't recall which thread this was cited in but apparently Americans usually lean on things and the CIA has to train agents to stop doing that in order to fit in better.

22. SumerianProgRocker says:

Being able to drive thousands of miles with no 'travel papers' or travel visas needed for other countries.

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