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15 people share the things older generations love, but they just don't get it.

15 people share the things older generations love, but they just don't get it.


Some of life's joys are universal and will stand the test of time. The rest of them? Probably not.

When Reddit user alisonxhot posed this question, people young and old were more than happy to answer:

'What is something that old people love that you don’t understand?'


Fine china and silverware. It's pretty in the way anything made in bulk can be, it's expensive, has very little resale value, fragile as f*ck, and virtually useless unless you're trying to impress another old person. Personal opinion, no hate.

- neutrino_flavored


Two spaces after periods when typing. - gokartmozart89


Telling anyone who will listen about their various ailments. I vowed early on that I will not become one of these over-sharing old people. - sirdigbykittencaesar

Which Gorf_the_Magnificent explains:

I’m in my 70’s. When new aches or pains pop up every month or two, you’re not going to immediately run to a doctor every single time. So you’ll want to share this information to gauge out how serious it is, find out how other people have dealt with that ache or pain, and share your own discoveries with others. Seriously, check back with me in thirty years and let me know if you’ve actually avoided doing this.


Knick knacks. Why. The hell. Would I need useless things just to fill empty shelf space? - SkyPork


Walking around naked in the gym locker room. - rockhavenrick


Working way over your scheduled hours for no pay. To show that you are a good hard working person. - Lava-Chicken

But Third2EighthOrks may have an explanation for that:

Part of me thinks this is left over behaviour from a time when a company gave you a real gold watch, a pension, and healthcare on retirement. I’d put in some extra hours for that deal.


Obsessed with the weather. My partner’s grandmother house sat while we were away for a trip and made sure to record the weather details for us of every day we were gone. - shikaru808


Being assisted by young children means the world to them for some reason. - Kill_zebras


And catbrane has a theory for that:

This one is easy to explain, I think.

1) When you have kids, you fall helplessly in love with them (of course).

2) The golden years of childhood (maybe 5 - 11?) fly by for parents very, very quickly.

3) Then suddenly your beautiful kid who you were so close to becomes a surly distant teen sob sob and would rather not hang out with you (this is good, of course, they need to do their own thing) and it's all over.

4) Later in life you remember your kid's childhood as a period of great personal happiness.

5) At age 70, interacting with a 5 - 11 year old again brings back so many memories and an almost overwhelming surge of love.


Waking up early. Grandma you are RETIRED. WHY WOULD YOU NOT SLEEP IN EVERYDAY??????? - Quirky_Phase5960


Watching the news constantly. - IllustriousDirta

Which struck a chord with a lot of folks, like EarhornJones:

My wife's grandmother was in long-term memory care for several years before her death. Towards the end, she didn't know what day it was, or if it was morning or evening, but she watched CNN 24 hours a day, and would lose her shit if somebody changed the channel, because she wanted, 'to know what was going on.'


When I was younger I wondered why my parents didn't stay current with their music choices, and why they listened to all of that disco and early pop. Turns out I do the same thing, using spotify to stay in the songs from my youth. There is something about the nostalgia of where you were when you heard certain songs. - SuperstitiousPigeon5


Blaming the youth for the problems that their generation created. - jeanlucpitre


In my country (Brazil), old people sit in front of their houses and do absolutely nothing for hours, just watching people and cars go by. This is more common for lower social class, for instance my grandma and her friends gather everyday at someone's door and just sit there until the night comes (they are retired).

- genipapaya


I live in a very rural part of America, and old people do the same thing here. Old men will sit in front of their houses drinking beer and waving at cars that go by. It seems really nice actually. Guess there comes a point where you’re content to just sit back and let the world come to you. - ChallengeLate1947

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