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16 people share the worst but funniest mistake they ever made at work.

16 people share the worst but funniest mistake they ever made at work.


Making mistakes on the job is a standard part of being employed, but there are some small errors that can escalate rapidly into a nightmare of destruction that is discussed in the employee handbook for years to come...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the worst mistake you made at work?' people were ready to share the most embarrassing mishap they made during a shift that still haunts them to this day.


After an amazing promotion at my dream job of 10 years, I told a coworker how much money I make. They must have told everyone. My boss informed me how unacceptable what I did was. The next week they fired me with no reason. (I live in an 'at will' state) - MidnightSG


Left the sink on with the hose in the mop bucket and flooded the entire lobby in about 3 inches of water. Was fun. - Baconatorboy


When I was 16 I did a vacation job at a farmer, I had to plant strawberries in the ground. I planted a whole day's supply upside down. Boss was angry - ecky--ptang-zooboing


Trying too hard and end up doing more work than everyone else because of it. Didn't get rewarded with anything...just...more work... - DevilsPajamas


I missed my Uncle's funeral for a work promotion but was then fired the next day. - barnaclescar


I work at a jewellers and I pressure tested an expensive watch that didn't have a screw down button.

Customer came back 3 days later complaining it wasn't working. Water had gotten into the watch, rusting the whole movement. We had to replace the watch. - Ciaranleigh


I forgot to include the terms and conditions in an email to a customer, and ended up having to do a write off to the tune of about $1300 because 'she wasn't made aware of the time limits.' Still makes me sick to my stomach. - Ravenne14


I did not know to 'act busy'...used to finish the work assigned to me very early and chill out on the computer...Did not go well with other co workers and was fired saying 'we don't have that much to do...we dont need that many people' - Earl_Pierce


Sent off a file to print that was wrong, cost a few thousand to reprint. Woops. - Mr5wift


I was earning six figures with an office overlooking downtown Oakland with a job that had little or no responsibility. Chronically bored, I complained to my boss that I felt like my job was pointless and redundant. She believed me. - [deleted]


I thought HR had my back. They're there to protect the company, not you. - [deleted]


I put mustard in someone's salad instead of honey mustard - ITARSUM


Gave a new guy too many tables at work. He had a mental breakdown in the men's room which led to many unhappy customers. - gayslugmaster69


Once I locked the keys in my work van...on the day I received the work van....and the only instructions I'd been given were, 'This is the only key I have for this. Don't lose it.' - ARealBillsFan


I missed the deadline on an important grant application. But in my defense, I'm not very good at my job.- captainmagictrousers


I replied to the sender of an all staff email instead of my buddy stating 'Does she really have to send this sh*t to everyone in the company?' I took the long way around the senders office for a while after that one. - AlabamaPickleFarmer

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