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18 people reveal their most 'I'm with the Boomers on this' opinion.

18 people reveal their most 'I'm with the Boomers on this' opinion.


The battle between the generations has been raging on for years whether it's Boomers accusing Millennials of being entitled and lazy, Millennials labeling Boomers as out-of-touch 'Karens,' or Gen Zers assuming everyone is a bigoted, cringe-worthy idiot with a side part and pants that are too tight...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'what's your most 'I'm with the Boomers on this' opinion?' people were ready to share their hottest, controversial, or 'cheugiest' takes on the world. 'Back in my day,' we had to wait until the photo was developed to scan it into our computer to post it as one of the four photos on our MySpace page, kids. You don't need to post every single minute of your existence!


Sometimes it's faster (and easier) to just plug something in, instead of dealing with bluetooth connectivity. There's something nice about knowing how to get it connected and being able to physically connect/disconnect. - claytondb


Coca Cola tastes better out of glass bottles than plastic bottles - Millad456


Standard headlights on new automobiles are too bright. Literally being blinded by every other car DURING THE DAYTIME wondering if their brights are on - Fiendsquatch


I’m not downloading a f*cking app to use your menu - Ghostleeee




When you’re in a public place you should respect others around you but not being disruptive with your behavior. For example, not playing music on your phone without headphones while on a bus, in a restaurant etc. - wheresmychin


Tipping has gotten out of control- coming from someone who relies on tips for income. it hurts people who actually should be getting them because now people are extremely agitated about any and all tipping.

I was just at a music festival and the guy who exchanges your cash for drink tickets (not even the person who pours the beverage) had an iPad with tip options starting at 18% - shearsntears


If you’re walking on a crowded sidewalk, get off your f*cking phone it’s not the job of other pedestrians to avoid you while you make your vlog. Awareness of your surroundings is important. - Kanedi4s


Physical media: owning books, movies, and music, is far superior to a subscription service, or digital content. - Obi-1_yaknowme


Not everything needs to connect to the internet or have an app attached to it. I just want my fridge to keep sh*t cold, I don't understand why we have to bring WiFi into this situation. - Pollowollo


TV is getting too dark. Not emotionally - it is visually too dark and I can’t see it - mostly_browsing


Screw fast fashion, my clothes should be made to last. I’m not rich so it’s unavoidable, but I’m willing to spend extra on clothes that aren’t made of plastic and I do my best to repair my damaged clothing instead of throwing it out. - mercurialpolyglot


Music in bars is too loud. (I've been a touring musician and live sound technician. I love music but it actually sounds better at lower volumes, and I want to be able to hear it in to my old age) - EternityLeave


I don’t need a subscription for everything. No you don’t need my phone number or email just let me buy my shirt and get the f*ck out of the store - anonymouslyinvisible


I want a human customer service operator not an automated operator or chat bot. - guythatbedont


I like physically owning the movies you love. I have friends who love the movie and watch it on Netflix whenever they can...and then Netflix removes it. And if it's a rare find, then you might never see it again. Owning a physical copy means you get to keep it and cherish it forever.

And if you're on a plane, where the movie options can sometimes be garbage? A handheld BluRay player is your answer. Also I love the artwork of BluRay covers. Another reason to have a physical copy. - buckyhermit


Physical keyboards are better than virtual keyboards - rntopspin100


Touchscreens in cars are a fundamentally bad idea & physical buttons (or similar controls) need to be brought back. Distracted driving is at an all-time high. Touchscreen controls literally require you to take your eyes off the road and can create a longer time of inattention due to their complexity.

I have an old-a*s car with physical controls. I can do dang near anything (radio, climate control, etc.) without taking my eyes off the road and in much less time. - Unique_Football_8839

Sources: Reddit
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