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Redditors unload: 'I can't stand this celebrity and I thought I was the only one.'

Redditors unload: 'I can't stand this celebrity and I thought I was the only one.'


'What celebrity can you simply not stand, even if everyone else likes them?'

kosicosmos asked. And Reddit was happy to respond...

pre-slap Will Smith

Positive-Pangolin146 comes in hot:

Before the slap, I would have said Will Smith. People have a different opinion of him now but before all that everyone mostly loved him. I always thought his persona was totally fake. He’s like Tom Cruise. Smiley and friendly but nothing behind the eyes. A Patrick Bateman if you will.

Not to mention his massive ego and terrible choice of roles. He had a few great performances I’ll give him that but in the history of cinema he’s barely even a footnote in my opinion.

Chemistry-Least joins in:

I have disliked Will Smith for 25 years. Always thought the clean rap thing was pandering, and I dislike most of his movies. Exceptions being MIB 1 and Independence Day. I mean, I am human and those were perfect films from a kid’s perspective. When he slapped Chris Rock I was like “SEE I KNEW IT I KNEW IT” and my wife told me I wasn’t allowed to watch the Oscars anymore.

One of those late night James's

forever_marcia writes:

Jimmy Fallon. He's NOT funny, he has dead eyes and I can't stand it when he sings and tries to get others to sing.

From kmckenzie256:

For me it’s the fake maniacal laughter anytime one of his guests say anything remotely amusing.

tatonka645 comments:

Agreed, I find him very disingenuous & not funny. Like a class clown that thinks everyone is laughing with him when they’re not.

Joanna of Magnolia

Moore-on says:

Joanna Gains. She feels very inauthentic and pretentious. Every scene of her and her kids feels so scripted to make her seem like a good parent but she comes across as fake. Plus she doesn’t actually give the furniture and stuff to the homes she remodels. She “lets” them buy them from her or it goes back to her warehouse.

I know I’m in the minority on this since everyone I know thinks she and her husband are amazing, but she gives me “bitchy Karen” vibes.

SpecificAstronaut69 jumps onboard:

Mum's f*cking mainlining this show over Christmas and f*ck me drunk and sideways what is it with:

-Exposed beams
-More f*cking shiplap

-A f*cking kitchen sink made out of shiplap
-A toilet paper holder, except instead of dispensing date dockets it dispenses shiplap
-Another exposed beam

Brooklynnbarr is just happy she isn't alone:

Hello new best friend! I cannot stand her.

I am also in the design business - NOTHING she sells is her own design. All that furniture she would stage in houses (before her store) was all from restoration hardware.

She’d go down to the San Marcos outlet and buy trailers of it. the stuff she sells now are aaallllll restoration hardware, anthropologie, ‘vintage’ ikea, and small business Etsy designs. Same with all of her retail store displays. I also don’t like the way she talks to her husband like he’s stupid. (He can be annoying, but damn). She looks at him like he’s a child she has to put up with.

[gonna go ahead and say she’s clearly a smart business woman so I’m not faulting her on that]. I need to stop. Just realized I went balls to the wall on this comment. Clearly, it’s a point of contention over here, lol.

Your fave insurance agent

Zerc1 rants:

Not necessarily a big celebrity but still recognizable: Flo, the face of progressive insurance. There’s just this volcano inside me that erupts in hatred whenever I see her in the advertisements.

Steph2145 couldn't agree weirder:

She’s equivalent to 1-877 kars4kids. It make me angry. Like I wanna sh*t on myself angry.

The Rock (also known as Dwayne)

K1llswitch93 shares:

While I did enjoy his wwf/wwe run and some of his earlier movies before he became a huge hollywood actor and while I think he might really be a nice person, I just can't stand his social media presence with his 'brand' being that he is a nice guy and that he is the 'greatest' actor of all time.

He gives a car to someone, he posts it, He gives a new house to his relatives, he posts it, He waves at a fan while on his car, he posts it. I think it really got to me once he started to promote Red Notice and Black Adam where he keeps saying his movie is the movie of the year, he is the best hero DC needs, I just got tired of him.

Silverjeyjey44 smells what they're cooking:

I lost alot of respect for him recently because of his Black Adam fiasco. He kept hyping up how he's the next big thing in DC, he hardly cared for the Black Adam character himself or his rivalry and only wanted to fight superman for some reason (a fight no one asked for), lied about the earnings that the movie actually had, he hardly acted in the movie, and his clause to 'never lose' as it would tarnish his image. Guy has a fragile ego and is really full of himself.

AvocadosAtLaw95 piles on:

My main gripe with him is his fake natty status. I get it, saying you’re on steroids would seriously damage your career, but don’t try and convince people that your physique is down to “hard work” alone.

To which JabbaTheSlug correctly responds:

He has a clause to never lose!? Dafuq

A beastly YouTuber

Wolfygirl97 calls out:

MrBeast. He lives in the same city as me and is always very rude. He gets food where I work and he just comes across very arrogant and rarely ever tips. He gets frustrated whenever anyone recognizes him. His videos are 100% publicity since he gets the money back. He has done good things but his ego is way too inflated. His staff is very rude as well.

TSMKFail adds:

What's even wilder is that anyone who worked with him in the past who has said he is difficult or unpleasant to work with get bombarded with hate. Nobody will believe that he has the capacity to be horrible. It's a scary thing honestly.

She puts the 'ennifer' in Bennifer

From FelicitySmoak_:

Jennifer Lopez. I'll watch some of her movies. I'll listen to some of her songs. But she's a mediocre actress and a mediocre singer. She's aged well and has style, but she's a narcissistic sh*t human being.

leftclicksq2 adds:

I have heard first hand that JLo is not nice to staff. I was having a massage at a very well-known spa and asked the masseuse what, if any celebrities came through their doors. She answered Sharon Stone and Bruce Springsteen, to name a few; both were very nice and tipped well.

Then there was JLo. According to the masseuse, she was awful to the staff. The story took place with JLo and Ben Affleck were first together and booked individual massages. The two of them come into the spa and JLo is glaring at the staff, got angry when she was led to the area to change into a robe. Ben Affleck is nothing but gracious.

While JLo didn't speak a word to her masseuse, Ben Affleck was engaging with everyone. She ended up tipping really crappy and Ben Affleck gave $500 each to the staff members who he was with.

Shania Twain't Impressing Reddit

From Carinne89:

Shania Twain. I used to date a relative of hers and met her multiple times. She’s so beyond stuck up and full of herself, treats people as below her and not worth her time. Quite literally raised her chin to look down her nose at people. It was really disheartening finding that out after growing up on her girl power.

GayCatDaddy can confirm:

My mom worked with a couple who had previously spent many years driving tour buses for musicians. They said Shania Twain was one of the most obnoxious clients they ever dealt with. (Also, apparently Elton John is super nice and hands out money right and left to people working with him.)

The Queen Himself

Oh, but this isn't a bad one! Sir/Saint/Legend Elton John can do no wrong according to *checks internet* everyone.

fuckmeimdan writes:

Can 100% confirm the Elton John one. I've worked with several bands in the past that he took under his wing purely because he liked the music and wanted to support new art.

I was keyboard tech for a very art house, left field, electro progressive band. Their music was out there, lots of light shows and weirdness, very far from pop. Early days of working for them, we're driving up north to a show, manager is sat next to me, she turns round to the band in the back and says 'Oh, Elton just emailed, he has some suggestions for mixes on the new album'. I say: 'Elton, thats a name you don't hear, other than Elton John.' she says: 'It is Elton John.'

I'm very confused, she then goes on to explain that Elton John spends most of his time listening to every single new release he can get his hands on and reaches out to the musicians to offer praise and help if he thinks there's something there, irrespective of the genre. Truly amazed by how much he puts back into the art.

Hibbo_Riot shares:

Elton John called me on the phone when I was in 4th grade. He was the only celebrity to even reply to the class writing project let alone picked up the phone to call me. He also wrote a letter to me and the class and hand wrote out every single classmates name. Dude is a legend, love him for that.

The Host with the Most

From TinktheChi:

Nick Cannon. Dude. Stop with the kids already.

scubamari joins the club:

Holly cow, I had to check his Wikipedia. The names of these 12 kids are insane! Can you imagine them at school listing their siblings’ names? “Oh, there’s Morrocan, and Powerful Queen, and Rise Messiah, and Beautiful Zeppelin and let’s not forget baby Zillion Heir (!!) and Legendary Love Cannon… “

iseeu2sumhow laments:

Rich people treat life like a game, a very customisable game.

DARYLdixonFOOL spills some tea:

He finally admitted that he was “stretched thin” on Christmas visiting all his kids. Like…just cuz you have money and like the idea of procreating, doesn’t mean you should keep doing it. There is no way he can be present equally (or enough) in all those kids’ lives. The scenario might be different if they weren’t all with different women (practically).

Idk…something about the constant procreation seems egotistical and irresponsible. And maybe a little sexist…cuz I’d be willing to bet he plays a very minor role in “raising” any of these kids.

Darshan-Raj is team Em:

Then he has the BALLS to diss Eminem for taking care of kids that are not biologically his. How is that a diss? Em is giving them a quality life even though he doesn't have to and this f*cking guy thinks that's somehow a bad thing?

isigneduptomake1post points out:

What about his racist rants? Somehow Kanye gets canceled for his but Nick Cannon is still on prime time TV.

semiomni whole-heartedly agrees:

Feels like just same level or worse^. Insane that he's still a host on the Masked singer. Imagine Ryan Seacrest citing David Duke in a rant about Jewish people, or f*cking endorsing eugenics.

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