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People are confessing the dumbest and funniest ideas they believed as children.

People are confessing the dumbest and funniest ideas they believed as children.


While there's an element of whimsical wonder in a child's imagination, coming back down to reality is unfortunately part of growing up...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the dumbest idea you had as a child that sounded completely reasonable to your child brain?' people were ready to share the hilariously wrong invention or plan they made up when they were kids. No, you can't kidnap one of Santa's reindeer and fly it to school. Tragically, you can't go to burger college and become the Burger King.


Cutting holes in my sister’s long hair with a hole punch. It didn’t work the way I thought it would haha. - TheoryKlutzy7836


My best friend and I had plans to live our lives on a hovercraft. Having a hovercraft would allow us to do our preferred job: fishing for a living. We wouldn't sell them, and neither of us liked to eat fish, but we enjoyed being outside an be fishing. We could drive the hovercraft from lake to lake, fishing the whole way. - edgarpickle


I thought everyone changes names every now and then. I couldn't imagine someone keeping the same name their whole life - how boring would that be? On top of that, my parents had Asian-sounding names (being first-generation immigrants from Taiwan) while I had been given a very American name, which added to my confusion - and I couldn't figure out why. I eventually concluded they must have 'chosen' those foreign-sounding names as part of a scheduled 'time of choice.'

I was 6 or 7, and figured I was due for a name change when I reached age ten or so; maybe there'd even be some formal name-changing process/ceremony. So one day, at age 7, I was on an airplane with my father and a flight attendant asked me, 'What's your name?' I replied, 'I haven't decided yet.' She stared at me in puzzlement, and so did my dad. - SteadfastEnd


If I ran fast enough, I could run across the top of the pool and not fall into the water. It didn’t work. - Picklesandcheese27


I shouldn’t have to wear a seatbelt. If we were about to get into an accident I would see it coming and could just throw my seatbelt on really quickly. - UmYeahMaybe


I was so certain that if I was ever in a falling elevator I could just jump right before it hit the ground (double stupid because even if it was possible, I hadn't plotted out how I'd know it was just about to hit the ground) that I'd be totally safe. - StillSundayDrunk


I thought to make a baby you had to drink each others wee - DeadPeaceLilly


You can jump from any height, and you’ll be fine as long as you land on your feet. I was just waiting for the day I would be in a tall building and someone would fall. I would catch them, land safely on my feet, and be a hero. - rejectednocomments


I rode down a large hill on a bike that had sh*tty breaks, my thought as a kid was 'if all else failed, I'd just jump off' well halfway down I wanted to abort but was too afraid to jump off, ended up kissing a stop sign and knocked myself out. Luckily my friends were nearby and carried me home. - strawberrystars_


I thought my mom was super unreasonable not letting me get a pony because we had a basement with a ramp so the pony wouldn't have to worry about stairs. I wrote to Highlights Magazine advice column and one day when I was waiting with my mom at the Dr's office I found my letter. The advice was that a basement wasn't right place for a pony . Never read Highlights again after that. It would have worked, I know it would have. - Curlytomato


We were out of milk. I wanted cereal. So I got out the flour, added some water, and made more milk. That weekend my parents took me to a petting zoo to explain things. - LeskoLesko


I used to think that you were not allowed into a cinema if you weren’t wearing trousers and a long sleeved blouse. The reality is that my mother found the cinema too cold - throwawayformetapost


I thought you could replace the floor in your home with grass. This seemed like a great idea for an embarrassingly long amount of time. - CaptPlanet55


Only boys could own dogs and only girls could own cats, no idea why I believed this I just did - OverpoweredShark


When I was 6, I threw a Coke bottle against the neighbor's window. I reasoned that rocks break glass because they are harder than glass. So throwing glass against glass should result in a draw and the Coke bottle would bounce off the window with no damage to either item. It was a well constructed scientific experiment, if you think about it. I developed a hypothesis and attempted to falsify it. Successfully. This is how we learn, no? - Opus-the-Penguin


I wanted to sprinkle Beef bullion on bread to have instant sandwiches. I thought this was my million dollar idea all you would have to do is toast it and BAM instant meal. - KaiserSozes-brother


I had a dried starfish that my mom got at a souvenir shop and I thought if I put it in the sink for a while it would come back to life and be my friend - miraculous-

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