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24 'choosing beggars' looking for free or cheap stuff on the internet.

24 'choosing beggars' looking for free or cheap stuff on the internet.


The internet is full of entitled people thinking they deserve things for whatever they think it's worth. I mean, I guess you can't blame people for trying, but sheesh. Here are some of the wildest 'choosing beggars' out there.

1. $2.50 an hour for babysitting. Definitely trust your kid with someone who will work for that wage.

2. 'You win some and you lose some.'

3. Private live-in nurse, $400/month.

4. LOL

5. Pay this person to take care of their dog for them.

6. Be on call overnight for 60 hours a week for $200!

7. Hate those pricey $25 haircuts.

8. Childcare for under $3.00/hour!

9. Facebook group mom wants to pay $100 a week for babysitting overnight and getting child to school.

10. Give me the price I want or else...

11. Going to Burning Man. Just need everything 'magically' for free.

12. Two days of work and you can almost buy a drink at Starbucks.

13. The old 'work for exposure.'

14. No one taking this on is going to leave this house alive.

15. Have to admire this one. Beer is too damn expensive.

16. Starting a new job and just need a few things before I get started...

17. Champange wishes and caviar dreams...

18. A job worth dying for.

19. Free shrubs!

20. Horse trading = hard and shrewd bargaining.

21. It's probably an app that gets people to work for free.

22. Action figure collection for Harley.


24. 11 1/2 hour days, full time, $300/month. That's about $1.30 an hour.


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