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16 employees share the 'inappropriate' Secret Santa gifts that won't get you fired.

16 employees share the 'inappropriate' Secret Santa gifts that won't get you fired.


If you're already dreading the yearly workplace 'Secret Santa' or 'White Elephant,' exchange, what's stopping your from taking a hilarious risk this year?

It might be difficult to come up with a gift idea for the coworker you've only ever said 'have a good weekend' or 'it's pretty sunny today' to, but a gag gift is always a hit. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's an inappropriate gift for an office secret santa that won't get you fired?' creative workplace pranksters everywhere were ready to share the funniest 'naughty' gift ideas they've given, received, or always wanted to try.


I got given 2 boxes of condoms of the CEO of my old job, I had recently had a relationship end and he was aware of that. ANNNND there was no chance he was going to get fired ha! - KINNAHZ


I'm pretty sure our boss was less than happy with how much alcohol was given out for Secret Santa last year, but begrudgingly accepted it. - BEEFTANK_Jr


Last year I got groceries from my office secret santa. A bottle of ranch, popcorn kernels, a jar of boysenberry jam, and croutons. It was... Unexpected. - brygphilomena


I got an old co worker at my last job a giftcard to massage envy. A couple of people said it was weird of me to do but she literally loved it. - TedCruzIsARealHuman


A framed picture of yourself - IamUrBabyMomma


Saw a stress relief doll that said 'boss' on it in bed bath and beyond. - bra1ntra1n


Gift Card to a competing company! - billbapapa


You can anonymously send a package of real animal sh*t online to anyone for like $30 Yes, it's legit. I know. For science. - [deleted]


Well one time during a dorm Secret Santa in college, one guy gave a date night gift set that included microwaveable popcorn, a romantic movie on DVD (can't remember which one), and nestled at the very bottom of the gift box, a package of Trojan condoms. - queenofspoons


Before my mother retired she was one of the more senior members of staff at her work (in a relatively serious industry). The guy who got her for secret Santa gave her a...I guess it's a game, where you strap a belt around your waist which has a hoop on it and a ball on a string. You then have to thrust your hips to score hoops. She was pretty confused why he thought she would want that! - marley88


Something to hide drinking during worktime. - HeilGrammatica


I give those soap baskets with a bunch of things that insinuate the person is smelly. - cryospam


A couple years ago a co-worker gave me a book called '50 jobs worse than yours.' It was pretty great. I'm not 100% sure body double for Saddam Hussein is a worse job than mine, but it was interesting to read about. - Taodragons


Hot sauce with a rude name. - BosBison26


Regular old wand massager. You know, for your sore muscles. - chimusicguy


I once was at the thrift store and I saw a row of all the same VHS on a shelf. And then I became the proud owner of 20 unopened VHS copies of 'Muppets in Space' that I put in the box and I'm saving for the right moment to give as a gift.

So if you have 20 copies of 'Muppets in Space' on VHS lying around, I would say: that's an inappropriate gift that won't get you fired. - jpterodactyl

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