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16 mall Santas share the absolute weirdest gift request they ever heard from a kid.

16 mall Santas share the absolute weirdest gift request they ever heard from a kid.


Getting a seasonal gig for the holidays as one of 'Santa's Helpers' can be a fun and rewarding acting job, but dealing with complaining, tired parents who need 'the perfect photo,' and bratty kids who use your lap as a trampoline isn't ideal...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Mall Santas, what's the strangest thing a kid has asked you for Christmas?' people who have worn the big red suit in the middle of the 'North Pole' display were ready to share the hilarious, bizarre, or impossible present requests that they still think about.


A hairnet. And a sword for her nana (as her nana wore an eye patch so she wanted her to complete the pirate look, I guess). - starrhi18


Not a mall Santa but a dad. Got a weird look from Santa when our six year old daughter asked him for 'a big box of rocks.' Had to explain that she's obsessed with polishing rocks in the rock tumbler she got last year for Christmas. Kid could have gotten a stocking full of coal and would have been thrilled to see how high a shine we could put on it. - zeromeasure


A tube of chapstick. - peonylover


A 3 liter bucket of mayonnaise. And a flame thrower to exterminate all miracle whip. This kid was weird - BudgetGamerz


One time I was in a mall, and when I walked by 'Santa's Workshop' I swear I heard a kid scream, 'Let me trim your nipple hairs!' - drichm2599


My nephew (4) asked for a dinosaur, a volcano, and 20 people. My niece (6) wanted a bidet. - Raguel0417


A Barbie doll and some bottle rockets to shoot her to the moon. - Jesse0016


At the time, my mom had a lot of problems with renting an office where she and her coworkers could have their business. Even though she tried to hide it, I knew she struggled. So on Christmas I could’ve asked mall santa for more money but I said: “Make a person who owns my mom’s office disappear, so she can have it for free!!” Both of my parents were very embarrassed that day. - nuca-chan


A penny farthing, a shredder and a garden gnome - lobotohmy


I still remember this from many years ago. The same child asked for two things: a mop and a rollercoaster. - hatarang


My parents love to tell the story of how their 4 year old daughter asked for a carwash from Santa. I have no idea why I wanted a carwash but somehow I got a car wash for Hot Wheels that Christmas. I can only imagine that was one of the weirdest things that guy had ever been asked - bikergirl2712


I was Santa when a guy's kid who I know said 'mommy found out daddy has a girlfriend and now mommy is sad...I want mommy to be happy again' and I'm like 'O sh*t...this is awkward' - PJExpat


Bubble wrap. The 'elves' were all like - oh sh*t I want bubble wrap too! - cubicleninja


6-8ish kid asked for a pet urine detector. - MajesticCat_


This was my first time as Santa...and it was pure, unadulterated magic. The kids were kind, full of awe, and well-behaved. (It was like...the opposite of the Internet.) One little girl, when I asked her what she wanted, said, “Just...a present.” When I asked what kind, she said, “Any kind,’re the expert.” It was one of those experiences that was so good, so without flaws, I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever do it again. - [deleted]


Had a kid about 8 years old ask for nail trimming scissors - [deleted]

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