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19 people reveal the most embarrassing thing they ever did at a work holiday party.

19 people reveal the most embarrassing thing they ever did at a work holiday party.


Office holiday parties are usually pretty tame, awkward and florescent-lit gatherings when everyone tries their hardest to avoid blacking out on peppermint martinis in front of the people they send 'as per my last email' messages to...

Regardless of whether it's a booze-fueled rave or an afternoon 'Secret Santa' around a table full of potluck dips, it isn't a work party without a little bit of drama. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'what's the most embarrassing thing you've done at your company's Christmas party?' brave employees everywhere were ready to share the story of the time they started an office war, belted breakup ballads into the presentation mic, or accidentally showed their boss their true personality.


A friend and I got really hammered at the company Christmas party. We ended up having a slapping contest, full on open palmed slapping, in front of the VP's and CEO. Oh yeah, then I purple nurpled a VP...I was pretty embarrassed and sore the next day. I should also add that I had only been at the company for a month and a half when this happened. - [deleted]


I was forcibly removed from a club at my office party. It wasn't terribly embarrassing, as I was one of 5 people, including the owner of the company, who were forcibly removed that evening. - [deleted]


Office party was at a fancy hotel's ballroom, and I was in charge of distributing the drink tickets. Big mistake. Let's just say I ended up with more than my allotment of two. On the bus ride back to the office I threw up all over my front of most my employees...and ended up sleeping on the floor underneath my desk. Nobody ever said a word. - jayscott


So, a few years back at my company's holiday party, I had quite a few bottles, I mean, glasses of wine. It was formal and I had on a cocktail dress and heels. The bathrooms for the ballroom were up these really wide, elegant, carpeted stairs. I headed to the bathroom, did my business, and headed back down the stairs

I don't even know what happened, but halfway down I lost my footing and tumbled down the remaining steps. Dress over my head, feet in the air, doing somersaults. So embarrassing, I stood up and received a round of applause from some of my co-workers who were standing close by. People have finally stopped talking about it. - blw627


Abused the open bar to the point of blackout, invited many friends to come to the party, stole 3 bags of steaks, puked on the company car, and passed out in the bathroom only to be awoken by the valet guy washing my hair in the sink. I somehow ended up in the parking lot where I continued vomiting and this lead to a perfect photo op for my co workers - AnElderlyMan


An intern at my company took a sh*t in the stairway during the company Christmas party. He never showed up for work again. - cancon


Started the job in July, youngest person in department at 26 years old. Get a bit drunk with all these older marketing and PR people at my bosses house. Go to take a piss right before yankee swap starts. I rush my piss, try to finish it quick, throw my d*ck in my pants and zip up. Walk out to a room full of people looking at me, they had big smiles but said nothing. I had about an 8 inch long piss dribble down the crotch of my jeans. No one every said a thing and I won a snuggie. - [deleted]


My first job was at a furniture store as a warehouse worker. Every year the owner threw a Christmas party at his place and It was common for the warehouse guys to get pretty toasted at these Christmas parties. I was underage at the time and one of the saleswomen brought her boyfriend who happened to be a cop.

The owners wife reached out to hand me a beer and I stupidly said out loud 'Isn't there a cop here?' The owners wife gave me a funny look and I realized what I had done. Later on that night I was talking to my dad and the cop boyfriend joins the conversation and worked the 'How old are you again?' question into the conversation. I nervously said 21 and I guess got away with it because nothing else was said. - [deleted]


We've been banned from hotels before. The worst time would have to be when a bunch of management jumped while inside the elevator and stalled it. We had to call the fire dept. - jenniferjuniper


Somehow a small group of us broke off and wound up at a strip club. I don't remember much of the latter portion of that evening, but I've been told I received multiple lap dances and both my top and bra came off at some point. I have no idea how or why, but I don't doubt it. I woke up in a seedy motel room without my car, keys, purse or shoes - just the clothes on my back and my cell phone (thank god.) It took the better part of the next day to find everything. - stop_whispering


A friend of mine got completely smashed pretty early on. Everyone lost track of him by around 10 o'clock. I was supposed to be his ride but I couldn't find him so I figured he left with someone else. Next day I call and find out that he woke up around 1 am on the floor of the men's room with the cleaning crew working around him. - lotmstudios


Told a 9 year old Santa didn't exist. - dropkickninja


I got really drunk and 'heckled' the magician that they brought for the night's entertainment. Heckling isn't the word I would use to describe it, because I was really just exaggerating my wonder for his tricks. Obviously, I came off as a sarcastic dick, but I could see that the guy wasn't really that good, so I figured I'd help him out by sounding extremely impressed with everything that he did.

The result was a bunch of 'WOW THAT'S AMAZING!'s and 'HOW DID YOU DOOOOO THAT?!'s and obnoxious gasping and oohing and ahhing at the simplest sh*t he would do onstage. - MuddMcCoy


A class Christmas dinner. I am Icelandic but in college in Denmark so I was trying by best to fit in. The evening started with a traditional Danish Christmas dinner with beer and shots. Then some more beer and shots. After dinner everyone was getting pretty hammered. So me and a group of maybe 5 guys in my class were standing and chatting and joking.

Then this guy from Greenland suggest jokingly that we pull out our penises. And for some reason i thought that was a great idea. Not only did I pull my penis out of my pants, I pulled '' the helicopter.' So there I was swinging my pathetic excuse of a penis around and around with a group of guys. - Mibbi


I used to work for an oil change shop in my youth. For our Christmas party we'd close the shop up early, get out the rum, and get 'primed' for a night out. This one year we were going to a hockey game after we got nice n drunk after work.

I was drinking rum n cokes. We were there drinking for a while and I got nicely drunk. The kinda of drunk where you have a hard time still tasting the alcohol. I went to the washroom, came back out and my boss had poured me another drink. Apparently the smarta*s poured it 2/3 rum, 1/3 coke....and it was in one of those big plastic McDonald's movie-themed glasses. I think my words were, 'hmm...this tastes a little stronger than usual.' I drank it anyway.

We get to the hockey game. I sit down with a beer and start watching the first period. That's the last thing I remember. I woke up on my kitchen floor after that. Here's a 3rd party account of my black-out period. I decided I needed to go to the washroom.

Or, as I said it, '...ah nee wshrm...pffffffffff' I walked down the steps and I'm told it was amazing I didn't fall down them as it looked like I was walking like Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing. I got to the bathroom, passed out in a stall beside the toiler, and puked all over the floor.

The first aid people came and hauled me out to the first aid station, strapped me to a stand-up, Hannibal Lecter type of gurney, and wheeled me out. It was intermission and the halls were packed with people. Apparently I was going, 'HUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRBBBBBGGGGGG' and puke bubbles were forming around my mouth. Real nice.

I get carted home and left on my kitchen floor. Apparently I stopped breathing once and my brother called the hospital. They left me on the floor though. That was a 2-day hangover. - Spyhop


Not me but a co-worker grabbed the company president in a headlock and rubbed his bald head yelling 'when I started here you had hair' First and last Christmas party for the company. - proraver


Staggered up to my boss, completely inebriated, and loudly told him I'd locked the office up and was going home. He was talking about it for days afterwards. - zerbey


Last year was my first Christmas party with the company, we had a Secret Santa thing where we were supposed to bring terrible gifts and then people would draw numbers, go up and pick a random gift, then open it in front of everyone. Well our administrator opened up what turned out to be some kind of sex harness. I was sitting next to her and she made me stand up and sized it up on me. By the way, I am a 25 year old man and she is in her 60s. It was just really uncomfortable. - iamatfuckingwork


Wasn't my company party, but my mum's company party when I was a kid, about 6 years old I think. I spent most of the party eating packets of sugar, which sent me a bit 'silly' apparently. Anyway the work Xmas party was next to a forest.

I went off on an adventure into the forest and found a dead rabbit. Oh my, what a fabulous find. So then I got a stick and speared it on the end and brought it back to the party and flung it into the crowd of people. My mum wasn't very happy. - r0ck0

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