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17 people share the worst 'I hate you' Christmas gift they ever received.

17 people share the worst 'I hate you' Christmas gift they ever received.


While the spirit of giving gifts during the holidays is supposed to be about spreading joy, love, and gratitude--sometimes the forced workplace 'Secret Santa' for people who have tortured your email inbox all year isn't exactly 'inspiring'...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the most 'f*ck you' present you can give someone for Christmas?' people were ready to share their favorite passive aggressive, downright evil, or hilariously petty present. Make your list, check it twice, it's time to give everyone a re-gift from the back of your bathroom cabinet.


Regifting a gift basket but it's obvious that you took out some items that you liked. - 12thNJ


My mom once gave someone a inflatable dart board - GiveMeASpank


Once my sister was pissing me off. I got her a $5 gift certificate for a store she was working at. She was pissed. - aeb1971


Make a donation in their name to a charity, cause, or organization that is in opposition to their beliefs. Then give them the thank you email/receipt from the donation in a Christmas card or better yet wrap it up in a big box. - Trick-Silver-4333


I gave my 4 year old niece a 30-pack of colored glitter glue. The f*ck you was to my husband’s sister in law - high5scubadive


Drum set for their children - ISureDoLoveCheese


I told someone I know that red wine gives me migraines, and then she gave me red wine. - blankspacefood


At a work Christmas party we did a secret Santa where we could only buy the other person a $20 gift card from some place. I got the lazy employee who never wanted to work. I got him 20 $1 gift cards. - SteelStevenson


One year my mom got me a laser hair removal kit, her words 'You seem to hate shaving your legs, as you never do it'. - Elfmerelda


A trash can. My dad actually got this for my mom once... Yeah. Didn't end well. - MembershipSalty609


My sister-in-law is doing pretty good. Over the years, she has given me a $4.99 lawn chair (unwrapped), a book about the joys of pregnancy (when I was in my early 20s and she knew I didn’t want kids at the time), a poorly-homemade pillow made out of the scratchiest wool she could find and books about being a vegan (I’m not). - YooperGirlMovedSouth


A $5 Starbucks gift card. Very few drinks on the menu are less than $5. They’ll most certainly have to pay the difference on the first and only use - SortaSticious


My son gave me a beer mug that said 'ring the bell if you are the best Dad ever.' He had removed the bell. - I-used-to-be-cool-


A dress deliberately 2 sizes 2 small and then when unwrapping it on Christmas they tell you 'it's for motivation' .....f*ck you Judy - Epic_Cupcake


Regift them what they gave you last year - clutteredshovel


My FIL gifted me a garden hose one year for Christmas. - Forsaken_Crow_7707


Breath mints, or a nose hair trimmer. Make 'em paranoid. - CooksFrozenPeas

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