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16 self-proclaimed 'Grinches' reveal what they hate the most about the holidays.

16 self-proclaimed 'Grinches' reveal what they hate the most about the holidays.


Untangling long strands of lights, struggling with wrapping paper, pulling your hair out if you have to hear 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' one more time...Christmas can be a stress-inducing nightmare for some people...

So, when a Reddit user asked people who admit they are classic Scrooges, 'Grinches, what do you hate most about Christmas?' holiday-haters everywhere were ready to confess their biggest pet peeves.


Music in retail stores. Source: Retail worker - [deleted]


I spent $800 on gifts this year on people... my family keeps growing and I have announced that I will no longer be giving out gifts next year. It's not worth it. - donutshopsss


Even worse if you're around someone who only listens to Christmas music during the season. Every time you get in the car or they put on music in the house, it's like all the other music in existence went away, because it's Christmas. Music. Only. And there's only so many actual different songs, so you're likely just hearing the same songs every hour but covered by a different artist. - PsychicOtter


Traffic. I work next to a mall. Pain in the a*s to get home with all the morons out buying presents. - thespawnkiller


Because I am from Florida. We don't do snow, snow men, snow angels, yellow snow, any snow. We do however receive thousands of snow birds that make living here harder. We don't do caroling. We don't do hot cocoa and sleigh rides.

But we also have to listen to the cheesy music for 2 solid months. Then the day after Christmas actually begins (its a 12 day feast!), all the Christmas stuff goes into the trash. Then you realize it wasn't about baby Jesus at all. It was a religious feast that was basically injected with steroids by a culture obsessed with disposable goods and emotional manipulation to make you feel a certain way. None of it feels right. - JohnDeeIsMe


Everyone is always stressed out regardless of how hard they try to be festive. Like decorating the Christmas tree should be fun, but no, it can be 'fun' so long as the end result is a flawlessly decorated masterpiece. Family dinners should be about coming together, right?

F*ck no, it's about serving the best f*cking dinner you could ever serve and you bet your a*s you're going to be slaving away in the kitchen cooking and simultaneously cleaning every nook and cranny in the goddamn house so everyone thinks your house is ALWAYS that clean. - stunnedbystonecold


Teaches kids that rich kids are better because Santa gives them better presents. Also fails to teach kids that their parents work hard to give them a gift and instead has them praising a fake omnipotent being. I actually enjoy Christmas because it’s an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and show your appreciation in the form of a gift but the idea of Santa and lying to kids makes no f*cking sense to me - alex878


The god-damned rhyming commercials. Just kill me - hotcake911


The obligations. It's so artificial. You give gifts to people because it's expected that you give them gifts, specifically gifts you think they would like. This person got me a gift this year? I have to get them one back. You're not doing it out of selflessness and love. If you were, you would get someone a gift at literally any point ever to show them that you care and thought they might like something.

You're doing it because you're told to when you were a child and were reaping the benefits. This one singular aspect of Christmas drags the rest of the holiday down. Spending time with family? Sure. Decorations? Alright. Music? Fine. But this obligatory celebrating of spending money ruins it for me. - Texual_Deviant


There are so many extra people out and about. And they're all so focused on themselves that common courtesy is pretty much non-existent. - BradC


The Christmas season seems to get longer and longer each year. I was already seeing/hearing Christmas ads around Halloween. At least wait until after thanksgiving ffs! - Daves_no_here


It lasts two f*cking months I would actually enjoy it for a week but why does it have to start midnight of November 1st - sikkerhet


I hate the materialism that goes into it. Having worked in retail for several years, I was told in multiple years that I 'ruined Christmas' because we were out of some thing that was critically important to having the 'perfect' Christmas. At time, the customer was shopping the week before Christmas and should have expected that popular items would be hard to find. I love the family aspects of Christmas but that gets drowned out. - cynomys09


The expectation that you must be around family. Many people have very dysfunctional and abusive people in their families. I get constantly berated at work and out and about how I should do this or that with family. No thanks. - aimark42


The exchange of equal amounts of gift cards. Oh here’s a $50 to a restaurant you enjoy, oh you got me one too? Well that was productive... - PM_Your_Tits_Soon


I'm a shite gift giver and it stresses me out - timetobeatthekids

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