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17 people share the novelty present they can't wait to give someone this Christmas.

17 people share the novelty present they can't wait to give someone this Christmas.


If you're done trying to come up with creative, useful, or interesting Christmas gifts for your family and friends, it might be time to surrender to the joy of 'the novelty gift'...

Is it an expensive joke that will end up in the trash or in the back of a closet at some point? Possibly. Will it be worth it to see someone you love open something that is a prank disguised as a holiday present? So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What novelty gift are you planning on getting your friend/relative this Christmas?' people were excited to share the hilarious, inappropriate, or expertly thoughtful practical joke gifts they can't wait to see their loved ones open.


My mum is in dire need of a new wok, her current one is older than my and rusty AF. So i'm getting her a nice one. I'm also putting a plushie Lobster in the wok. It's a Wok Lobster. - [deleted]


A box of assorted batteries with a card saying '*gift not included' - Elbowdeepinwips


Not so much a novelty, but my dad is always b*tching about people not bringing back his Tupperware so I'm going to get him a massive box of it this year - shocktar


I hide a present from my sister's name to someone else. Last year I bought a banana hammock that looked like it was from her to her husband. Hilarity ensued when he opened it and the family busted out laughing. - equallynuts


I was going to get a pillowcase with my face on it doing that awful creepy Nicolas Cage look for my husband because he travels a lot. He hates when I do that face so obviously I do it often. He'll never escape it. - [deleted]


Every year my friends and I do a white elephant. Last year I got a shake weight. I don't know how I'm going to follow that up. - TheSandstorm87


She-wees for every girl in my family. Because they look handy as hell. - smoltown


My friend is atheist so I’m planning on getting him an old road sign I found on the side of the road and attach a tag to it saying “From God” so that I can say it’s a sign from God. - Ikenmike96


I'm giving my step-mom a pair of socks that depict seagulls stealing food. I regret nothing. - TalontheKiller


My extended family does a white elephant gift exchange, where you draw a number then pick/exchange gifts in order. A few years ago, I bought a Duck Dynasty garden gnome, and whoever gets it just puts in back in every year. Earlier this year I was out and found the entire collection for under budget, so I'm giving the original gnome plus the new ones. - tongsy


There's a kid in my office who is late a lot more than he should be. He lives 5 minutes away and sometimes doesn't come in until 9:20, but has overslept until 11 or so. For reference, I live ~24 miles away from the office, and usually get in by 9:05. We do a secret Santa. It is my quest to get everyone in the office (the other 12 people) to each get him a cheap alarm clock. - Pillsy74


Another wheel of cheese. Last year was Gorgonzola. I’m not sure what I’ll find this year. - snugy_wumpkins


So I go to uni in Knoxville, where the 1982 World's Fair happened. My mom, whenever she comes down, LOVES to talk about how it was a huge deal when her family went to the fair and did all this cool stuff, so I got her a 1982 world's fair shirt so that she can tell even more of her friends about it when it comes up in conversation - SteelMemes1


A few years ago I got a girl I liked a life size cardboard cut out of myself. Must have liked it, we’re married now... - BeautifulBurd


My sister and I have a competition to see who can get each other the most useless present. This year she's getting a urinal. - [deleted]


Printing a pic of a 'sexual reawakening weekend for couples seminar package' thats being taught a church. Giving it to hubby. We are not relgious at all. And he is extremely shy. - Texastexastexas1


My mum was recently lamenting a lack of fuzzy socks in stores... so guess who’s getting a sh*t ton of fuzzy socks for Christmas? - LelanaSongwind

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