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19 people reveal the worst gift they ever opened on Christmas morning.

19 people reveal the worst gift they ever opened on Christmas morning.


While it's true that it's 'the thought that counts,' sometimes it's better if the gift giver never thought about you at all...

Accidentally insulting or passive aggressive 'suggestion' gifts, gifts you've specifically begged the family to stop buying, or prank gag gifts that completely miss the mark--the great yearly gift exchange of the same $25 back and forth can sometimes be an awkward journey.

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the sh*ttiest Christmas gift you've ever received?' people were ready to vent about the most disappointing present they ever had to smile and say 'Thank you' for through clenched teeth.


Dried armadillo carcass in a white elephant exchange. The N'Sync bobblehead I brought ended up going to a little girl who cried because she didn't like it. My family gets weirder and weirder every year. - highvoltorb


My Aunt & Uncle once gave me a note saying they donated $50 to their own charity in my name. Their charity involves them driving around the country sightseeing and 'spreading the word of god.' I respect their beliefs and desire to share them with others but they're just traveling around the states enjoying themselves and are far from having financial difficulties. - [deleted]


I got 5lbs of surf wax. I live in Nebraska. I don't surf. - ThePeopleWhisperer


I was 22 my cousin was 21. She gave me a toilet paper tube filled with rice and taped closed on the ends. 'It's a rain maker! I know how you love to make music!' She didn't even bother to color it... - flowerpower24


My boyfriend's mom travels quite a bit for work, and for the first Xmas that I spent with their family she gave me hotel soap and shampoo - Orylid


My mom got me the final book in the Series of Unfortunate Events series of 13 books. I hadn't read any of them. - Fatmcspank


I'd been saving for an iPad so when my dad asked my husband what I wanted for Christmas he suggested an Apple gift card. My dad got me a 'fruit of the month' membership. Literally, apples. - Feeflebean


I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 (I'm almost 24 now) and this year my dad got me a meat sampler. - youaremysunshinexo


Well for christmas my mum bought be 5 pairs of the control top granny panties a la Bridget Jones diaries. - [deleted]


An American Eagle coupon that my grandma thought was a giftcard. - jw_mercenario


One year I got two Spongebob calenders. Two. Mom forgot that she bought me one just after Thanksgiving and apparently in the last minute holiday rush saw the exact same one and thought I'd like it. Now it's a family joke. - MrDragseth


I actually asked for socks because I actually need them and well, I'm broke. I got a bag of Doritos instead. - [deleted]


Christmas 2011. My parents gave me a book entitled '100 Reasons to Get Out of Bed In The Morning.' - beefcoon


I got a desk chair when I was thirteen that my dad ended up bringing to his office, I think I sat in it once. - 2000lbs_of_ash


A Tapout shirt. I am 19 and have never shown any interest in MMA, whatsoever. - MediocreOP


My grandma has consistently given me pajamas and an ornament for Christmas every year. The ornaments have gotten cooler, the pajamas keep getting worse. I'm in my my twenties now, how do you tell your grandma that you sleep naked and the present she gives you every year gets donated? You don't. - likeyoungvolcanoes_


A Wii game catalogue from Toys-r-us that had the 'Free!!' symbol marked out with see-through sharpie. Thanks Sis! - Binary_Omlet


A damn plunger. Who the hell wants a damn plunger for Christmas!? - Nacho_Slug


Playstation 3 controller. No system. No receipt - Burne133

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