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21 people reveal the absolute worst Christmas present they ever received.

21 people reveal the absolute worst Christmas present they ever received.


'Tis the season to celebrate 'it's the thought that counts,' right?

Getting a gift for a family member you might not know very well can be a challenging endeavor, but expertly missing the mark is part of the hilarity and chaos of the holiday season. We all have an aunt who always forgets how old the cousins are and gives teenagers Barbie dolls and 5-year-olds bottles of wine and we love her for it!

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What was the worst gift you received for Christmas?' people were ready to reveal the hilariously disappointing, impressively bad, or beautifully passive aggressive presents they ever opened on Christmas morning. Shout out to 'subtle hint' self help books and snacks you're allergic to.


When I was 15, I really wanted a dog. My mom knew this. Cue Christmas morning. After we had opened any other presents, my mom came back with one last was a wrapped box with holes in the sides, bouncing/moving some, and puppy barks of cuteness.

I got sooooo excited to open it and meet my new best friend. When I opened it, it had a stuffed animal puppy (not taxidermized...), a bumble ball toy, and a small tape recorder with puppy barks. My heart sank and I just sat there and cried. - AlwaysForgetsMyName


A couple years ago my dad registered me to see a few of my favorite shows taped in NYC. I got super excited about it but then realized that he wouldn’t be paying for anything and expected me to stay with my narcissistic grandma in New Jersey who I avoid as much as possible.

Then I found out that not only were the tickets to see the tapings free, but he had already told my grandma I’d be staying with her and she had all sorts of yard work and stuff ready for me to do for her once I arrived. Obviously, I didn’t go and my dad is still bitter that I didn’t appreciate his gift. - itspronouncedquinoa


I got a fake beer can full of handkerchiefs when I was like 14. - mikeriley66


10 bibles. Not all at once, but every year from the time I was 6 through 16, my uncle gave me a bible for Christmas. Every. single. year. - Hrekires


We're not friends anymore and haven't been for more then ten years now. However we were very very close from ages 12 to 25. One Christmas when we were 18 her present to me was a wrapped up VHS taped I had loaned her years before and she had forgotten it was actually my tape of Wayne's World I was now getting back as she tried to pass it off as an actual gift. - chubbybunnybean


My parents got me an acoustic guitar one Christmas. Problem: my brother was the one who asked for a guitar, not me. So essentially my Christmas present was seeing my brother absolutely gutted. Meanwhile I had to pretend I was happy. Awkward. - Ganon_Fodder


Toilet paper that for some reason was stained yellow on one side. - GameKnight76


Toothpaste. Apparently it wasnt even that my breath stank, we were just out of toothpaste. - llerell


When I still lived with my parents they got me a cards against humanity deck. Right after I opened it they told me I’m not allowed to play it until I turned 18. I was 15 at the time - neon1876


I got an empty box of a toy I really wanted. I was 9. - spoonie_tatoonie


Years back my cousin bought me a rifle case. I had never owned a gun nor expressed interest in it. Just an empty rifle case. - thewiz187


A set of salt and pepper shakers... the gifts were donated to us and I don’t know how they forgot my parents had 4 kids - Rainnv7


Book about how to take criticism, gifted by my mother-in-law. - PM_ME_POW


It was the first Christmas my father and current stepmother had together. My step siblings each got a new laptop computer, I got a $20 gift card to McDonalds. - Mystic_Waffles


Ex-GF gave me book on the history of gunpowder. I admit I enjoyed it as it was an interesting read. Problem was, I had already read it two months prior, because she had already given me a copy as my birthday gift. - Maldibus


A family friend gave me a XL T-shirt for a college that I didn’t go to. It wasn’t even like a popular or nearby college or anything. Also Im average sized and generally wear mediums. While I would understand a size off, I feel like it’s kinda obvious that I would not need an XL. - cj267


One year my parents and all of my aunts, uncles, and grandparents gave me scented lotion. I guess they all thought that's what you get 14 y/o girls? - Appaismycopilot


When I was 13 I was taking drum lessons and was desperate for my own kit. My mum worked at the Early Learning Centre (preschool age kids shop for non-UK chaps). Mum and Dad got me this little plastic toy drum and made me play a tune on it. I tried my best not to look upset, I failed and stopped just short of bursting in to tears. Turned out to be a sick joke, the drums were wrapped up in the dining room. - IronSkywalker


One year for Christmas my aunt gave identical cuckoo clocks to my parents, my brother, and me and my husband. It was just confusing. We've never asked her about it. - kabjl


Every time my mum went on holiday she would bring back a shark tooth necklace to give me for a birthday or Christmas present. I have no idea why. I had never worn jewelry of any kind and I am the antithesis of a surfer dude. - sleepyprojectionist


My grandmother was a piece of work. One year myself and my two cousins were at her house for Christmas morning. All the family was there and there was a big, gorgeous pile of presents wrapped in the corner. We (me and my cousins) were promptly told that those gifts were for the other grandchildren.

When we gave our grandma the blank stare of confused children, she hurried back into her room, threw an old ziplock bag down at the ground between us (full of half used nail polish and broken jewelry) and told us Merry Christmas. - itisSUNNYinhere

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