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16 people share the one rage-inducing mispronunciation that they can't let slide.

16 people share the one rage-inducing mispronunciation that they can't let slide.


'Anyways,' 'labtop,' 'EXpresso,' 'lie-berry'--we all have on common mispronunciation that spins us into a unnecessarily petty blackout of anger...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's a mispronunciation that sends you into fits of rage?' people were ready to share their worst speech-related pet peeves.


I try not to get worked up about mispronunciations, but I had a manager who said “per batim” instead of verbatim, and I winced every time she said it. - AngkorLolWat


My boyfriend doesn’t pronounce the first r in “frustrated.” He sounds like a child and it’s…well, frustrating. - crazycatguy23


“Acid reflex” - alcohoelly


My wife says 'mannerism' like aneurysm and I think she's going to cause me to have one - jacked_archivist


Marine Corps pronounced as 'corpse.' Used to work in a place that dealt with a lot of veterans and I had a coworker that could not say the word correctly, drove me batty. - thebabes2


“Take it for granite” - EatMyShorts23


“For all intensive purposes” - Ambitious_End5038


When people say 'weary' instead of 'wary.' 'I'm generally weary of strangers.' I'm growing mighty weary of you - Bowman_van_Oort


It's wreak havoc, not wreck. - Safe_Cup5012


I work in a hotel. The number of people that refer to adjoining rooms (meaning to have the connecting door between them) as “cajoined” (not conjoined which is still wrong but still less wrong) makes me want to rage punch them. Call them adjoining. Call them connecting. Call them adjacent even. But cajoined is not a goddamn word. - heyderhoneydew


My mom cannot pronounce chipotle. She says “chip-ol-tee” - absurdbrain


My one boss will type 'another words' in emails - jzmack


I went on one date with a fellow who said the 'Sixteenth Chapel.' He took me to a 'Thigh' restaurant. - LabGroundbreaking927


My co-worker keeps saying 'Ask-rix' instead of 'asterisk'. It drives me insane. - MLaw2008


I had a boss once who would always call it a “physical year”. It took me longer than I care to admit to realize that she actually meant “fiscal year”. It’s amazing how much more sense my job made after that lol… - Then_Jury_1336

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