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25 of the funniest posts about dads being dads.

25 of the funniest posts about dads being dads.


Dads can be hilarious, overprotective, unreasonable, dramatic, lesson-teaching, weirdos. Love yours or hate yours, we hope you can laugh at what these people had to say about theirs. Here's 25 of the funniest posts we could find about dads being dads.

1. Gamer dad.

2. Life lesson dad.

3. Fire cheif dad.

4. Ahole dad.

5. Dangerous dad.

6. Concierge dad.

7. Ice road dad.

8. Preparedness dad.

9. Just in case dad.

10. Literal dad.

11. Navy dad.

12. Cliché dad.

13. Life's unfair dad.

14. Just say no dad.

15. Dad's got jokes dad.

16. Every dad dad.

17. Could be traffic dad.

18. Sneazy dad.

19. Fashion dad.

20. Santa dad.

21. Awww dad.

22. Deaf dad.

23. Rando dad.

24. Better than everyone dad (because they can't sleep in anymore)


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