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'Boys be honest, what makes a girl instantly unattractive?' 20 men reveal their answer.

'Boys be honest, what makes a girl instantly unattractive?' 20 men reveal their answer.


When Reddit user thenamestilly asked: 'Boys be honest, what makes a girl instantly unattractive?' the internet was all too happy to answer...


Starkiller_303 writes:

Expressing how shallow you are. Someone I was attracted to said something like 'my future husband will have a lakehouse and a boat.' One of her friends responded with 'or maybe you can find the right person and then pursue that dream together!' And she was just like 'nah'.


JasonPassley comments:

Constantly talking about an ex, even in a derogatory manner. Let it go.


Ludarawr writes:

Bad smell.


No_Department_6090 says:

If a girl shits on your passion. Like one of my best friends is really good at producing and making beats, and his girlfriend at the time told him he is gonna go nowhere in life and his music sucks. He is about to get signed to a music label now haha.


From ThremboIF:

The “you have to work for me” attitude. Like this a relationship we both need to be putting in effort.


DodoBird1992 shares:

If she treats animals and waiters/service or retail staff badly.


Dikubus says:

Asking what is happening in a movie or show that I haven't seen either while playing on a phone, then rinse and repeat a few more times for good measure.


GeoffreyTaucer writes:

Throwing around too many TikTok therapy terms in general to justify shitty actions.


From peterbparker86:

Not sure how to phrase this but I dated a girl years ago, she was gorgeous but that was the extent of her talents. She knew nothing about the outside world. It was so difficult to talk about stuff with her.

I don't want to say intelligence because she wasn't dumb she just didn't care to know about world events. You couldn't debate with her or talk about stuff in depth. That's an instant turn off for me... Oh and smoking.


ChopSueyXpress comments:

In high school I had a gf, we're on my bed making out, my new kitten hops up to see us (she was like 2 weeks old, had never jumped up before) I'm happy and shocked, gf says get it the fuck off! I told her to gtfo, relationship over. Good call I felt.


From laussen-gram:

When she blames everyone for her own mistakes.


Conner_501 shares:

If she keeps trying to get attention by making negative comments abt herself for people to say the opposite thing - purely for attention.


Anomaly1134 writes:

Lying. Being Flakey. Talking negatively about everything and everyone.


amitybeast says:

If she litters. Had a girl throw a bag of trash out of my passenger window while taking her home. She called me a 'tree hugger' when I called her out on it.


From xTacio:

One of the first things she asks is how much money do I earn.


GoFunkYourself13 says:

Flirting with every guy. If you're trying to make me jealous/think that you could have any guy at anytime; congrats, it works, I'm out.


ClepTheTenderhearted comments:

Using 'self love' as an excuse to be narcissistic and shitty.


PeepShowIsGreatMayn shares:

Being a heavy social media poster/‘influencer’ - not interested frankly in becoming an unpaid photographer nor am i interested in what you had for breakfast.


KenzoAtreides writes:

Those obvious lip fillers looking all swollen like they just ate something allergic.


Life_is_a_meme_204 says:

'If you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best.'

And many agree, like Furydragonstormer:

Gotta love how a phrase meant to be about someone at their lowest in life compared to their highest point in life (At least that’s how I interpreted the original meaning) got so twisted by people who use it as excuse to be awful.

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