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Woman tries to break the ice while on a date, ends up breaking her hands.

Woman tries to break the ice while on a date, ends up breaking her hands.


Dating someone new is always a risk.

One woman was seeing a man and she was excited to take their relationship to the next level. She wasn't expecting that next level to be the hospital.

(She's fine and they are going to try again.)

TIFU by trying to impress a guy by skating for the first time


So, I (24f) met a guy through Hinge and for lack of a better word I really liked our first two dates and told him I wanted to do something “fun” our next time to which he took that as an opportunity to invite me to go ice skating with him.

While this was not what I had in mind I wanted to do it anyway. This guy was a former ice hockey player so I knew he could skate, and for some reason I thought I could impress him…

So the day comes, I lace up my skates and get ready. He tells me to use the side of the rink to start but I want to prove I can do better than that…

I push myself off of the side, immediately catching my skate sideways and flying forwards, dramatically landing on both of my hands and face and causing a huge scene. I just kinda lay there in pain until paramedics eventually were called and took me to a local hospital.

Long story short, I have a scaphoid and thumb fracture in my left wrist, a fourth and fifth metacarpal fracture in my right hand, and a broken nose and black eye along with a chipped front tooth, all because I wanted to show off my skating skills. Whoops.

Here were the top comments from readers:


You misunderstood the assignment. HE wanted to impress YOU. All you had to do was show up lol hope you recover soon


I guess it is pretty impressive to do so much damage to yourself with your very first fall, so that's something.


I once bit all the way through my lip ice skating within seconds of getting on the ice. It wasn't quite a date, but with a girl I liked and some friends. Worse, the girl had never been skating and I had previously claimed (truthfully) that I was good at skating.


Lmao. He knew you weren't a great ice skater, the whole point was for you to get your bearings and then use him for balance as he is a decent skater as an excuse to hold hands.

The OP responded here:


ooh… well so much for that then😭 on the bright side he just asked me if i wanted to get dinner so maybe i didn’t lose my chance🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

Have you ever made an embarrassing mistake like this trying to impress a new date?

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