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18 people reveal the cringiest thing they did as a kid that still embarrasses them.

18 people reveal the cringiest thing they did as a kid that still embarrasses them.


Just when you think being a kid is hard, you get to enter the hormone-fueled frenzy of bad decisions, braces, sweaty hand-holding and writing 'nobody gets me' in a diary covered in depressing song lyrics that are the teen years...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's something you did as a kid or teenager that still embarrasses you to this day?' people were ready to confess to their most cringe-inducing awkward phases or crimes of fashion. R.I.P, lace-up-the-side low-rise jeans and studded seatbelt belts.


I told my mother that I wished we all would just die so that I could meet this 'Jesus' that she keeps talking about. - [deleted]


thAt I uSeD t0 tYpE liKE tHiS. Haunts me still. - canimakeyouasanweesh


When I was in elementary school, our class had this thing with a publishing company where each kid in class was allowed to write and illustrate their own book, under like 15 pages or so, and then the company would print a hard-copy of said book for a little money. Really cool thing to do for some little kids, but for me it ended up being embarrassing beyond belief afterwards.

To super-young, pre-puberty me girls where some of the most strange and mystifying beings in the universe. I seemed to define myself at the time mostly by how much I wasn't a girl, and how weird I thought they were.

So naturally I see this book thing as an opportunity to sort of mock them while presenting my views on their strangeness. And thus was born 'Why Girls Take So Long in the Bathroom' by PaladinFoster.

Sh*tty illustrations done in marker, bad grammar and idiotic stuff about how girls are actually aliens and are plotting to take over the world, pretty much everything a stupid kid would think about his opposite-gendered classmates. My mother still has the book and sometimes takes it out and laughs at it. I just really, really hope she never shows it to any girlfriends I bring home. - PaladinFoster


My friend still teases me about my adamant belief in Santa. I stopped believing in 8th grade... - jd4000


My mom walked in on me and my gf redressing ourselves after sex. We were 15 at the time. She said no words. When I went downstairs after all I could say was 'I don't know what you thought we were doing, but it wasn't sex.' - tricky3737


My sister walked in on me doing an interpretive dance to seals 'kiss from a rose on the gray.' I thought the lyric was 'grave' so there was also a prop involved: a bench turned vertical with a fake flower in front of it. - acouch


I once read a sh*tty Final Fantasy 11 fanfic in front of my speech class during my sophomore year of high school. why. - copulos


We were doing that thing in middle school where we were reading a book, and after every paragraph the next kid would start reading. I counted to which paragraph I was going to be reading, and immediately my stomach lurched. I don't remember the book, or the author, but the passage went something like this, 'I love big, juicy pickles.

I love to suck the juice off of them...' And an entire paragraph about pickles. I made it one sentence in before I fell out of my chair laughing. I had to be sent outside because every few minutes I'd burst out laughing. - THETomdabomb


My time to shine. So, I wanted to go to a friend's house (this was elementary school) but when my friend and I approached my mom to ask permission, she told me that I had to go watch my brother's football game instead.

To express my anger at her decision, I climbed to the top of the tree in our front yard and, with my mom and friend staring up at me in bewilderment, screamed for 30+ minutes straight. Just screeched at the top of my lungs. I've worked on my problem-solving skills since then. - Rachrawr


One time during gym class in 5th grade we were all sitting in a circle listening to the teachers instructions. I had to urge to fart and thought it'd be a nice little quiet one. Little did I know the slick floor we were sitting on amplified the toot so it sounded like I had pretty much sh*t myself.

Being a girl I was super embarrassed and when the entire class turned our way I immediately snapped my head to the side and stared at my best friend Shania while plugging my nose and making a disgusted face. She was then known as shania stank for the rest of the year. I had to buy her chocolate milk at lunch everyday for weeks before she forgave me. She still never let's me live it down... - tigershay


I did a dance routine called 'The 90 second workout' for the talent show in 5th grade to Backstreet Boys whilst dressed in a soccer outfit. I am a straight male... - nnngey


Was in Sunday school. Asked to describe Jesus in one word. 'Promiscuous!' Thought it had a similar meaning to mysterious. Promiscuous Girl had also just come out so every other 13 year old knew what it meant. - llort_revocrednu


When I was at summer camp, I was probably 8, I told one of the male counselors at lunch that I could pick him up. I got behind him, bent my knees, grabbed my hands around him and lifted with such force I still remember what his balls felt like when I pushed them back inside his body.

I got him off the ground, that's for sure. Horrifyingly embarassing but the adults tried to be as nice as possible about it. It was an accident - jumbouniversalremote


I wanted to see a crush of mine, I was 12-13. So I started going around the block walking back and forth in hopes for a 'chance' encounter. Turns out he is at his neighbor across the street, on the porch, and sees me walking in front of his house 20 times in one hour... yeah... - [deleted]


When I was 7 - just after my sister was born - I remember being in a Jack In The Box with my mother, grandmother, little brother, and the baby. I wanted attention and I thought I'd figured out a trick to get my mother to pick me up and coddle me. I'll tell her I'm gassy. Everytime the baby is gassy she picked her up and coddles her. I started saying real loud 'Mom! I'm gassy! I'm REALLY GASSY!'

My grandmother and my mother started shushing me and I got louder 'WHHHHY? I'm REALLY GASSY!' I started to put the whine on. 'Mooooooom! I'm GASSY!' Their shushes got really intense and I started to wonder what it was that I was saying that was embarrassing them. When the baby is gassy it's ADORABLE! Why isn't it adorable for me to be gassy? I'm adorable, too!

Then I looked behind me and saw a whole table of young adults - probably in their very early 20's - laughing their a*ses off at me. I had no idea why they were laughing but I knew they were laughing at me. As I walked by one of them told me to fart. I totally didn't get it and ran to my mother.

I'm not sure when it hit me what I had done. Whether it was days later or years later. But, when it did, o my god. You can't imagine but I STILL sometimes lie in bed at night and cringe thinking about it... - zetapi


When I was a freshman, a couple friends and I snuck into a seniors graduation party. They had karaoke and I thought it was my time to shine. It was my turn to go, I had then perfect song picked out. 'I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt So sexy it hurts And I'm too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan New York and Japan.'

I proceeded to take my shirt off, and start swinging it around my head, and even floss it between my legs. The looks on everyone's face was disgusted as they watched a chubby white kid embarrass himself in front of 50+ people.

At the end I saw tried to find the hottest girl out in the crowd. I then threw my shirt at her, and put my thumb and pinky finger up the my ear and mouth signaling her to call me. Oh god. - StevieG123


I dressed, talked and acted like a pirate for about a year when I was sixteen. Full costume sometimes including eye patch and beard (I'm female), maybe even a sword if special occasion. My parents encouraged it.

They gave me a treasure map on my birthday and made me kayak from a river to a beach where a TREASURE CHEST was buried. I dug it up. It was full of chocolate coins, plastic gold jewelry and several video games I wanted. I even had a pirate name. - reaperteddy


During a choir concert I had a solo, and my voice cracked terribly on the very last high note to end the song. All I heard was faint 'awww's' and one dude dying of laughter. - CaptainDerpp

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