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Woman shares story of entitled mom trying to steal her fast class plane seats.

Woman shares story of entitled mom trying to steal her fast class plane seats.


First come, first served does not apply everywhere...

But that won't stop some people from trying, anyway! Here's a Reddit post about the audacity of a woman who pretends not to understand the word 'No'.

"Entitled Karen tried to steal my first class seats."

alex_moreno794 writes:

For a little context here, I was traveling with my kiddo from the states to my home country, which takes around 8 hours with connections, so I booked first-class seats for both of us.

When we boarded it turned out a Karen, around 40ish, and her kid were in our seats. I politely told her so, but she ignored me. As we were the last to board, I had to call the flight attendant and let her know that, because we were soon to take off.

She came and Karen just repeated in Spanish 'lo siento no entiendo', over and over again ('I'm sorry I don't understand') and the flight attendant felt frustrated as she explained the situation to her in Spanish, yet it was obvious Spanish wasn't her first language and yet karen pretended she didn't understand. But here comes the funny part, I am a Spanish speaker.

So I grinned and told her in Spanish that she was in our seats and had to move to their seats. She then got red-faced and told me how she is a single mother and how I should respect my elders (all in Spanish of course), and how I should go with my brother (actually my son) to the regular seats because she deserved to have the first-class ones.

I told her she was not my elder I'm 27 and she was 40ish, and I don't give a f*ck about her being a single mother, she could pay for them as I did being a single parent as well. Anyways, Karen had the pleasure to have me as her translator telling her to go back to their seats or they would be escorted out of the plane.

In the end, she went back to their seats and told me in English how my kind have ruined the states. I just laughed at them and told her to enjoy their seats.

Everyone loves a happy ending!

Like Bice_thePrecious:

Cause she sat their first, oBvIouSLy. I do love when people try to get away with sh*t by speaking a different language, then get their world rocked when another human on Earth speaks that same language.

bloomingpoppies says:

I just can’t imagine you paying extra money to get that extra special seat and you’re just gonna randomly give it up so some stupid b*tch who thinks she deserves it more than your do - who didn’t pay for it. I’ve done customer facing jobs for the past 20 years and I’m so not amused with people anymore, and actually I’m so tired of their s@*t.

OP responds:

Yes, she was delusional, I mean my tickets and my son's were at least 4x the regular price, I wouldn't give them up.

VinnieALS points out:

Just adding a point on how stupid she was to think no one would speak Spanish. It’s not just that she is coming from the US, where a good portion of people speak the language. She is also on a plane where by what OP said, I suppose it’s going to a Spanish speaking country. The odds of having bilingual people on that plane were MUCH higher and she still thought she could get away with it.

NotARobotDefACyborg comments:

Flawless victory! Or, si prefieres, 'victoria impecable' LOL.

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