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21 People Explain Exactly Why They Left You on Read.

21 People Explain Exactly Why They Left You on Read.


There are few things that provide more social anxiety than seeing that you have been left on ' read.'

We've all been there: You send a text to someone you like or care about, and you wait for a reply. And you wait. And you wait. And you go to the bathroom. And you wait. But the reply never comes. You check your phone obsessively, wondering what you did wrong or what they are thinking. It can be frustrating, confusing and honestly insulting. You may wonder, WHY? What did I do? Are they okay? Am I being crazy? Here is a list of the top 21 reasons that you might have been ghosted.

People who don’t reply until days later, why?



It’s a relatively (very) new phenomenon that basically anyone in your life gets access to you at all times. It was only 20 years ago that if you left the house for the day you were actually gone. You’d return messages when you came back hours or even days later. Basically I prefer this sometimes. - Spizmack


Because honestly texting feels exhausting sometimes. Have you ever thought how before cellphones, people caught up maybe once or twice a week? I don’t think it’s natural to text all day every day. 🤷🏻‍♀️ - inamedmycatcrouton


I reply to them in my brain and forget to reply them in real life. - Random_Girl_2004


I'm depressed and don't want to be in contact with people who I don't talk to on a regular basis, so replying to other people or requests is not as easy. - blebanec


The comments on this one should be empty until a couple of days from now. - caleb18a


Procrastination is a great thing, you always have something to do tomorrow, plus you have nothing to do today. - First_Ad5835


Almost every time I remember a message that I need to send or reply to, I'm driving. - GrownThenBrewed


Because you're not the center of my universe. - well_hello_there13


Some days I don’t feel like talking to people. - EveInGardenia


It’s usually because I read the message while I’m doing something that I can’t reply in that moment, and then I literally just forget. - koopapeaches19


I'm 35, and after 30, you and your friends realize that you can go for probably six months without seeing each other and IT DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL. I respond immediately in urgent matters, of course. And my friends know and accept that I might take awhile to respond, simply because sometimes a.) I respond in my head and forget to actually type it out, or b.) I'm busy or don't feel like talking at the time. - GlassHalfFullofAcid


Quite often it’s because they’re asking me to commit to plans. I know I will want to commit to the plans, eventually, but right now I’m socially drained and irrationally want to say no. So if I leave it a bit, I can build myself up to saying yes. - imperium_lodinium


What’s even better is when you randomly remember and decide it’s too awkward and don’t respond. - Fbiagent3425


Now that I’m retired and my bf and I don’t have a landline, my phone is on DND or at least silenced ALL THE TIME unless he or I go out alone (even just to do errands). I respond to messages when I see them OR when I have the mental bandwidth to respond appropriately to something unpleasant but not urgent. I only have a few people in my contact list who can override the DND. My life is SO much better! - Tiggeribby


I need to get that constant feeling of needing to appear cooler and more important than everyone. - Front_Jacket837Because


Ironically, it's because I often try to be thoughtful in my responses. Sometimes I will read a message and I won't have the will or time to give it the thought or depth that it requires, so I'll put it off to when I can really think about it. Oftentimes it slips my mind because my working memory is kind of trash. - no0neiv


Because I have more than enough going on, And my cup is overfilling. I need to recharge. - KickAndFlipJr


Sometimes I just truly don't know what to reply to you. - allexthakatt


I'm an introvert and it actually takes a lot of energy for me to respond to people. I much prefer talking in person to someone but for some reason messaging drains me. It's nothing against the person I haven't responded to and I usually tell my friends it's the way I am and they understand. So unless it's urgent it could take me a couple of days to respond until I have the energy. - little_miss_noshine


Because i don’t want to. - GiveMeASpank


Just because technology has gotten to the point where you can reach someone instantly does not mean that person has a responsibility to instantly respond. - uglyellie

Do any of the resonnate with you? Have you ever had a bizzare reason for not responding?

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