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17 people reveal a sibling secret they've managed to keep from their parents for years.

17 people reveal a sibling secret they've managed to keep from their parents for years.


Siblings can cause a collection of headaches ranging from stealing your clothes without asking to stealing the family spotlight, but a pact of 'we'll never tell our parents this for as long as we both shall live' is a special bond...

The Christmas when all the ornaments fell off the tree because of 'the dog?' The time the neighborhood kids 'accidentally' rollerbladed through the shed? So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What secret have you and your sibling managed to keep from your parents?' people were ready to share the sacred contract they have with a brother or sister that they'll never reveal.


When we were in middle/high school, my younger brother used to get in trouble at school a lot. Whenever the school called our house to to inform my parents, I would answer the phone and pretend to be my dad. - sidestreetdrew


I don’t think they know about the time we got into the unwrapped Christmas present stash and looked at all our presents (about a week before Christmas). They never said anything about it, at least. But I felt really guilty about it, especially when it came time to unwrap and I had to fake surprise. Never wanted to get into the Christmas stash again after that.

At one point, we were playing with our pet lizard outside and he ran away, so we panicked and went off the the pet store to replace him before the parents got home. We confessed that one to them after a few days, mostly because the replacement was pretty obviously a different lizard.

They responded with “oh, ok. We honestly wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t replaced him. Why would we care if you have 3 lizards or 4?” - Janigiraffey


When I was about 8 my little sister and I broke a candy jar. We told our stepmom when she called and she said “it’s okay, throw away all the candy it’s old anyways.” Being the unsupervised children we were, we ate every last piece, probably about 300+ pieces of candy total.

The next day we were throwing up all day and our parents assumed it was the flu. We didn’t touch another piece of candy for several months after that - CrispyGingers


That we don't believe in God. We're both independent adults, but we don't want to make them sad. Also for me it's about 10% wanting to avoid any lectures/disowning that might possibly happen. (I think they'd probably be ok with it eventually, but better safe than sorry...) I still attend church for multiple reasons, but one of them is definitely to keep my extended family content. - Datanoh


We all know that my parents are swingers. They've been doing it now for like 12 years and think we have no idea, so I guess it's it's mutual secret. But yeah, they go out of town almost every weekend and are always staying at their 'friends' houses for the night.

We've found all sorts of stuff over the years by accident like a 'Swingin' Momma' t-shirt in the laundry, but I got some concrete evidence earlier this year when my mom wanted to show me pictures of my newborn nephew. I was scrolling through the photos on her phone and went just one too far and saw her getting railed. It wasn't by my dad. - Nattyliteknight


Once I climbed the cat tree and it broke. When my mom was like “:0 What happened?!” We told her it was the cat because he was getting fat from her feeding him too much. It took all our willpower to keep semi straight faces. - CrepuscularKitten


One time we were looking for something in my parents' closet. Found weed stash. Took some. Smoked it. They never knew. - in_my_atmosphere


Our parents would drop my older brother and me off at church for Sunday school and services each week. When they drove away, he and I would often sneak off and hang out with friends who lived nearby the church instead. They thought we were learning all about their religion, but we were actually learning about girls instead. - Back2Bach


I'm one of three kids and my sister (with help from me) has managed to hide two tattoos (one above her ankle and one under her armpit). My parents HATE tattoos and I mean HATE.

So much so, that there is a clause in my parent's will which states that for each tattoo on their child's body, 10% of that tattooed child's inheritance is to be taken away and then split to go to the other un-tattooed children's inheritances. - crumbs_in_my_bums


My younger sister went to a party in High School and got black out drunk. She was staying the night with a friend that night, and her Mom brought her home about 2 in the morning. Me and my younger brother carried her into our house to her basement bedroom.

I locked her in her room, set my alarm for 6am, and got a few hours of sleep. I got her up the next morning, she was still drunk, snuck her out the backdoor. She walked about a mile to a gas station, called her friend who came and picked her up. My Mom picked her up around noon.

When she passed out, she fell and scraped her temple and cheek. My Mom questioned her, she claimed she'd gotten in a fight. 30 years later, my Mom was reminiscing about that night and the fight. We spilled the beans, my Mom was stunned that we got away with it because she was such a light sleeper and I never got away with any kind of deception as a teen. - dcjohnson50


I got hit by a snowplow (rather, the snow coming off the plow) while building a snow fort right next to the road. Shot out of the fort and tossed 10 feet away. I still hate plows. - peaceisnotpassive


That my little brother didnt break his arm playing baseball. He broke his arm while we were sword fighting with baseball bats and I saw a shot and I took it. - Rickrickrickrickrick


For some dumb reason my parents high school reunion was in January in Ohio. They decided to get a hotel closer to the event space since we lived in a rural area, leaving the kids alone in the house. Naturally we threw a giant a*s party. Everything seemed to be fine around 3 am after cleaning up but we noticed that people had parked on the grass leaving tire tracks all over the lawn.

We were totally f*cked. The next morning we woke up and were blessed to find a full blanket of snow covering everything in sight. It stayed on the ground for ample enough time that the tracks became totally unnoticeable. Parents still don't know 19 years later. - beestingers


That we didn't accidentally order the pay-per-view porn. - whistledick


That my sister got arrested in college for stealing hay (to spread around a friends yard as a hearty f*ck you). Had to find an ‘adult’ who knew how to bail her out bc I was 17, then wait for hours just to drive her drunk a*s back to he dorms. Her punishment from the judge was to volunteer at a local barn shoveling hay and horse poops around - IckNoTomatoes


We had finches (you know the annoying little birds that all look alike), well they would die/get eaten by the cat or something. So we kept going to the pet store and buying replacement birds. After several years of this my mom said 'Gee these birds have lived a long long time.' We didn't have the heart to tell her they kept dying and we kept replacing them. - hottubcereal


That my little sister didn't break her arm by accidentally falling off the bunk bed, but rather that she broke her arm when we flung her off of it during a game of King of the Hill (bunkbed).

My parents were out at aerobics class, in a very pre-cell phone age. We just tried to keep her comfortable and waited patiently for them to get home. We did finally tell them last year, and they thought it was hilarious. We kept that secret for close to 30 years. - uwila

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