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Man admits homeless man rocks his thrown away clothing better than he ever did.

Man admits homeless man rocks his thrown away clothing better than he ever did.


Work the sidewalk like a runway.

This one is short but pretty sweet. One man was doing some spring cleaning, getting rid of clothes that he had aquired while working at a vinage clothing store. Instead of donating his clothes, he left them by a dumpster. Now, he has seen the same man walking around town in his discarded clothing and he can't help but admit, the dude looks good.

Homeless man in my area dresses like me now.


I was decluttering my closet awhile ago and put some bags of folded clothes near my building. I used to work at a vintage clothing store so I had way too many clothes at one point.

People in my complex often put furniture and other items by the dumpster area so neighbours can grab stuff.

So I packed a few garbage bags of hockey jerseys, band t shirts, jackets, vintage Levi’s and Dickie’s and put them out.

Since then, I keep seeing the same guy who goes through all the dumpsters in my area wearing an exact outfit I used to own.

He’s an older man in his 60s, and the outfits look pretty cool on him lol. Im pretty happy someone could make use of that clothing instead of it going to a landfill.

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You've just made 'is he homeless or a hipster' more difficult lol


I used to work at a shelter and before I moved out of state I brought a F*CK TON of my old clothes to the “free” box outside the shelter. Everyone was sporting my sh*t and the best part was they all KNEW it was mine and would make fun of me for some of the clothes I owned lmaoo love this made me smile thank you.


I picked up a bag of clothes from our “free sh*t” area, not expecting much - EVERYTHING in that bag was gorgeous, exactly my size and all the brands, colours styles etc I already wear. I kept all of it and I always wonder whether the person who put it out sees me walking around in her clothes all the time.


I'll never forget the one time a homeless woman bragged to me about the Gucci purse she picked up at a Goodwill.


There are certain items we're reluctant to donate, like my husband's old fire department clothing. We don't want people thinking some drug addict is a fireman. AITA?


Hell yeah! Way to be a blessing to others! I am so happy to hear that goodness in the world, and for the right reasons, too: kindness just because. Bless you brother or sister. Thank you for putting a more positive vibration and energy in the world 🌍 🙂😁 The kindness of one lifts us all. ❤️


This is a great story! I absolutely refuse to donate good stuff to the overpriced thrift stores. I love putting all my best items in front of my house for free. My neighbor styled her daughters bedroom with some really great furniture we had out and another neighbor has really nice garage storage from some cabinets we put out.

A happy tale of clothes going to those in need. It's nice to see your clothes find a new service. Have you ever seen something you donated being worn by someone else?

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