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15 fed-up people vent about the essential items that have become way too expensive.

15 fed-up people vent about the essential items that have become way too expensive.


'What is too expensive but shouldn't be?'

Reddit was happy to share their thoughts...


Vivi_property says with a definitive period:

Menstrual products.


showmeyaplanties worries:

My biggest stressor right now is that I need dental work done. I work full time and can’t afford to save a dime, my dental work is worth more than two months wages. Absolutely no idea what to do


ylloydy asks:

Bras. Who got away with making them so expensive??


KazaamFan argues:

Ticketmaster fees. All these ticketing site fees are out of control really. Those service fees.


Passionfruit1991 says:

Adoption process overall. I agree there should be checks etc. the process itself is difficult and draining between legal fees etc. My young son said “why is it so expensive to do something good”. He had a point.


nmj95123 recommends:

Stop buying inkjet printers. There's a reason you never see an inkjet printer in a business. They aren't printers, they're ink vending machines. The business model behind them is to sell them at a loss to get you to buy the ink. Buy a laserjet instead and you won't have that problem.


Majestic_Electric stresses:

Insulin and Epi-pens.


citizenp hangrily calls out:

Popeyes 8 piece with 4 biscuits and mash potatoes = $35 Troy, AL


Over_Effective_5674 points out the all too painful:

College tuition in the US.


Progedoge literates:

Cat Litter. May as well be buying Gold sand for her to sh*t in.


dawn855 lets us know:

Lettuce is now way more expensive than avocados…


Iloveireland1234567 weighs in with a view from:

A lot of medications. There's this one company that's trying to remedy this by selling every med with only a 15% markup. I haven't tried it myself but it may be worth checking out at least. Most diabetes stuff on there costs $5-15. Remember when that life saving HIV meds were sold at over $1k? It's about $15-45 here.


Enough-Ad3818 says:

The amount of Americans in this thread stating healthcare is not surprising, but is still pretty eye-opening. UK based Redditors should look at this and understand why NHS staff are so aggressive in trying to save the NHS right now.


poisonnova_ puts their foot down with:

Propane/natural gas. I live where we have to use gas because of the weather and my bill has always been around $100. The past 2 months and it’s been over $300 without anything in my daily routine changing. I have no idea what’s going on. I’ve already checked for a gas leak.

I live where it’s summer for 3 months and winter the rest and hurricane winds will take you out. There’s no in between. It’s so cold where I live, no one has AC in their houses because it’s not needed. That’s why the harsh cold weather demands we use gas, not electric. Gas heats quicker than electricity


3DTyrant encompasses it all with:

What isn't expensive now days? Life in general is expensive.

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