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18 non-Americans share the popular American food that they're too scared to try.

18 non-Americans share the popular American food that they're too scared to try.


Apple pie, burgers and fries, hot dogs, marshmallow-covered sweet potatoes at the holidays--'American' cuisine can be a horror show for people who aren't used to bread tasting like cake...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Non-Americans, what American food do you find questionable?' people were ready to share the dish from the United States that they definitely don't trust. Fruit cake? Super-sized portions of fast food French Fries? Let's not even talk about the mayonnaise 'salads.'


As an Australian, I would like to know what in the flying firetruck a 'Bloomin' Onion' has to do with anything, let alone the rest of Outback Steakhouse's menu. - weyamav220


Twinkies. Wtf is it even made of? In my mind it’s just pure sugar - Huhu107


How a lot of basic everyday cooking seems to involve a lot of more or less ready to eat and similar products. Pancake mix, sauces, cans of just about anything. I watched a video recently where a woman was showing her spagetti recipe. She boiled spagetti and poured over a can of store-bought sauce and added spices. That was it. And she is not alone. - Bluestew214


I want to know who in gods name invented the Diabetes meal that is a double Chicken Burger with two glazed doughnuts as buns - Dark_Wolf04


Chex cereal covered in melted chocolate, peanut butter and then topped with powdered sugar. We only make it around Christmas cause it is loaded with sugar. They're also known as muddie buddies. - Didyouturniton


Corn syrup everywhere. - Smart_Pumpkin_8928


I'm sorry but those slices of American cheese have always tasted so fake and plastic to me personally. - weyamav220


Minnesota salads. Like WTF America! crushed pineapples and marshmallows are not ingredients that belong near a salad. - Yalaeinhorn2704


As a Canadian, I'm consistently in awe of American food. They have food we can't even comprehend. Breakfast corn dogs! Pretzels stuffed with cheese! Pizza 'n cookies! Chicago deep dish pizza! Your entire country must be blazed all the goddamn time to come up with such deliciousness. - dewali5580


Pb&j had me confused for a while but when i took a bite i loved it. Not judging any other non-americans for not trying this because peanutbutter and jelly aren't put together in most countries outside of america. - mastercubez


Canned things that probably don't need to be canned. Looking at you Whole White Potatos in Water. - nuclear_cyanide


Orange circus peanuts. What are they? How do they have so much sugar but taste so horrible? What science experiments created them? - me047


Corn candy or whatever the name is. - le_krou


Sweet Potato Casserole recipe topped with pecans and marshmallows “traditional side at Thanksgiving table” - pixgarden


I witnessed a Turkish friend's first corndog. He grabbed it and started eating it, not understanding what a corndog was. After the first bite, he was so surprised and bursted into excitement. 'whoaaaa, there's a HOT DOG in here!' he loved every bite and went back for about 5 more. - Theareyj


Ambrosia Salad. Yuck. - NerdyMom79


Mac and cheese where it does not belong. I’m looking at you pizza and burgers. - HeyNow646


My parents are immigrants, they always say the desserts (grocery store cupcakes and stuff) has so much sugar it feels too gritty and uncooked to them. Also soft baked things, like chewy chocolate chip cookies they thought were weird in the beginning, like the cookie was undercooked. I love soft baked cookies though so I baked them all the time, they’ve come around to liking them haha.

Another one I hear a lot is the food coloring. My mom is often perplexed and grossed out by very saturated unnaturally colored foods. (Usually frosting or candy) She tells me it just LOOKS unhealthy and is unappetizing.

Also, my mom is low key traumatized from twizzlers LOL. She said the first time she saw it she wondered why people were chewing on plastic. She then tried it and said it also tasted like plastic. Haha. - DaburuKiruDAYO

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