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16 people dare to reveal their most 'gatekeeping' culinary opinion.

16 people dare to reveal their most 'gatekeeping' culinary opinion.


While many people choose to describe themselves as 'foodies,' there are some heated debates over what is and isn't fine dining...

Homemade pasta or boxed? Is Ranch dressing a crime against food? What's the deal with pineapple on pizza? So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's your most gatekeeping culinary opinion?' people were ready to share their snobbiest food stance.


I think EVERYONE (both food service workers and general public) should take a food safety course. - ADryMuffin


LEMON and LIME have two very different flavors. My entire family seems to think that they taste the same and will substitute one for another. - Hack-A-Byte


MSG makes average food delicious, and takes delicious food over the top. - Mendican


Expensive high grade tomatoes are always worth it. - KenzoAtreides


I'm of the opinion that you can do whatever the f*ck you want with food but if you fundamentally change a dish you have to change its name. It's all about expectations. If I go into a restaurant and order a carbonara, then when it arrives they say 'oh we make it with pepperami snack sausages and cream cheese', then it's no longer a f*cking's not necessarily gatekeeping but things are called things for a reason. Imagine the chaos if we just abandon this...come on people. - broom-handle


Most recipes you find online use way too little spices. 1 tsp of cumin? Unless it’s a meal for one gtfo. - appleslip


Please scrape the food off your chopping board with the non cutting edge of your knife. That is all. - Ex-zaviera


Stop calling mayo with anything mixed into aioli. - Poet_Pretty


If you can't take a full bite of your sandwich or burger in one go it is a fundamental failure. If your sandwich or burger requires a skewer to maintain integrity it has fundamentally failed. If you want more filling scale horizontally, not vertically. - Djinjja-Ninja


My friend was in Maine. Stopped at a place and their chicken parm was…chicken nuggets with ketchup and American cheese. - StarMasher


While recipes are useful, folks should prioritize WHY things work in a recipe over just memorizing a recipe. - The_Owl_Bard


Freshly ground black pepper is so much better than pre-ground (like the stuff in shakers at restaurants). - lumamaster


If your middle eastern/Mediterranean place serves bad or bland hummus I’m not even going to bother with the rest of your menu. If you can’t get the basics right don’t waste my time. - Anduinnn


Anthony Bourdain was right: butter is the secret ingredient. - Redditforgoit


Burning sh*t doesn’t make it Cajun. - HanMaBoogie


If you change a recipe when you make it, you’re not allowed to rate it in the reviews without making the original. Nothing worse than someone rambling about the 14 changes they made to a recipe, and then giving it a 3 star… - Slickness81

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