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Confused man in pajamas thinks he's owed free pizza from Pizza Hut.

Confused man in pajamas thinks he's owed free pizza from Pizza Hut.


In the Choosing Beggers subreddit a guy shared a bizzarre story he whitnesed at the local mall. Here's what he saw:

So there I was at my local strip-mall carryout Pizza Hut, waiting up front with one other customer for my order. A disheveled older man walks in, wearing a T-shirt and pajama pants, and carrying a Pizza Hut pizza box. He walks up to the counter and the exchange with the employee (PHE) goes something like this:

CB: I called earlier. You said I could have this pizza for free.

PHE: Yes sir, we delivered it to your house by accident. You can keep that pizza, it's free.

CB: opens the box, showing the pizza toppings to PHE This pizza has pepperoni on it. I don't eat pepperoni.

PHE: confused I'm sorry...?

CB: Can you make me another one?

PHE: confused Sir?

CB: Since this pizza is free, but I can't eat it, can you make me another one?

I was listening to the entire exchange, and I perked up here and shared 'WTF' looks with the employee and the other waiting customer. Then I laughed uproariously at the CB's brazen and shameless request.The CB turned around to look at me and then lowered his eyes sheepishly.

PHE: If you'd like to pay for one, sure.

CB: Ehhh no... leaves the pizza on the counter and walks back out of the door

I shared a brief moment of 'did that really happen' with the other customer and the employee for about 30 seconds until my pizza was ready.

I guess this guy thought that he was entitled to a free pizza of his choosing to compensate him for the inconvenience of a misdelivery being sent to his house, not that he was being allowed to keep that particular pizza since it couldn't be re-delivered to the correct customer once it was in his hands.

Wild story that brings to mind this classic song:

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