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16 people share the weirdest favor they ever had to do for a friend.

16 people share the weirdest favor they ever had to do for a friend.


'Phoning in a favor' is usually in the form of a ride to the airport or the dreaded task of helping someone move, but sometimes being a friend means picking up the phone at 3 AM to...give a pet hedgehog a bath?

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the worst/weirdest favor a friend has ever asked you for?' people were ready to share the most bizarre request they ever received from a friend in need.


Neighbor asked if they could put a dead rat in our bin because they didn't want to put it in theirs. - HungInSarfLondon


My cousin had locked his keys in his car, and it would cost too much to get someone to open the car... So he asked me to break into his car and 'steal' his keys because the insurance of getting a window fixed would have been cheaper. - Madden284747


Coworker asked me to help him bury a body. Turns out his grandfather was to be buried on their farm and I was the only guy he knew who can use a backhoe. Even weirder his grandfather wasn't dead yet and not only was he walking around and talking he brought us out ice tea and diet coke while we dug his grave. He died like 5 days later. - suitology


To borrow my truck to 'get the cheese.' He drives a Tahoe, I have no clue how much cheese he was getting - Zpitfire_MK_VI


A guy I was dating for two months asked me to have sex with one of his friends so we could get free Disneyland tickets. My date worked at Disneyland. He wanted to take me into the park but he didn't want to use one of his free tickets that he was saving for a family member. So he literally asked me to have sex with a coworker of his to get one of his tickets. It didn't work out between us... - KarthusWins


Called at 2 am asking me to reach him on a well hidden countryside road, told me to bring a shovel and the biggest plastic bag I had. Driving a scooter while holding a shovel isn't easy, also I was expecting to help burying a human corpse so I brought two bags big enough for me to fit in. The idiot just drove over a chinchilla. A f*cking chinchilla. I still can't figure where did it came from. - Merciless


Give her a hickey. We were just in a public bathroom and she suddenly asked me to give her a hickey to show her sister that she had a great time at a club. We went to a movie theatre. - d0d0c0


To donate my sperm. To her. An ex. No joke. - Overall_Day_1343


A neighbor asked to borrow a bed until her kids were grown. Her oldest was 10. - NANNY-NEGLEY


One of my roommates in college begged me to take a picture of my bare back for an art project she was working on. Keep in mind, she was not an art student, nor in an art class, nor an artist. I was uncomfortable with it but eventually agreed to do it.

She showed me the final work and she had taken several pictures of people’s backs, made them kind of translucent and then layered them on top of each other. I didn’t really get it, but she was very happy with herself. - MysticButterflies


Walked in on my boss in the men’s room. He pleaded with me to help detach his sack from his zipper. I got him free. So. Much. Blood. We never spoke of it again. - DadsRGR8


A good friend of mine asked me to take his dog to the vet to be put down. He couldn't do it because it was to stressful on him. He wanted to be there for his wife and kids but couldn't do it himself. I took his dog for him and I would do it again. I understand how hard it can be for someone. - Captainthistleton


My best friend is a huge guy. He's 6'9' and 250 pounds, but he's incredibly scared of ghosts, and he believes there's ghosts in his house, even though I've assured him numerous times there are not. Every time he has to go in his basement, he calls me to come to his house (he lives alone) to go into his basement with him while he does whatever he needs to do down there like getting stuff out of storage, flipping an electrical breaker, etc, even if he only has to go down there for a minute or two.

We're in our 20's, and as funny as I think it is every time he calls me to come with him to his basement, I always show up anyways because that's what friends are for. You would never think such a huge man would be so deathly scared to go in his basement alone, but I love him to death regardless. - Lovely_Demon28


To “unbury his boat” no other information was given, I said yes and turns out he thought that burying his boat in one of our cornfields would help protect it over the winter because “it wouldn’t get snowed on cause it underground.' - EatingH_tlersB_oty


Back in the old days, had a paranoid friend pay me good money to rent out and dupe porn vhs tapes because he didn't want a record of him renting them out. His logic: if he ever became famous he didn't want a record of him renting out porn tapes. Postscript: he never became famous. - jacklord392


I became friends with a female coworker as I was dating a guy who was friends with her boyfriend at the time. She had this weird thing about not pooping around him to the point when they eventually did long distance she would visit him for the weekend and hold it in the ENTIRE TIME.

We planned a trip together and shared a hotel room with all four of us. While her and I were getting ready to go out, she pulled me aside and told me she had to poop so bad but didn’t want to be in the bathroom alone because everyone would know she was pooping.

She asked me to stay in the bathroom with her while she took a sh*t so it would just seem like we were doing our make up. I kid you not, that sh*t stank so bad that I'm 100% sure the guy smelled it in the room anyways and we both just looked like weirdos who sh*t together. RIP - titsout666

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