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18 people answer the question, 'What is 25 years old too old for?'

18 people answer the question, 'What is 25 years old too old for?'


Over on Reddit, in the AskReddit forum, people were asked what you shouldn't be doing anymore once you reach the age of 25 (note, a quick Google search reveals that people between 20-29 are considered vicenarians). Also, according to Wikipedia, if you're 25 right now, you're from the first year of Gen Z (1997-2012).

Anyhoo, here are the most interesting, truthful, funniest, weirdest and controversial ideas about what people did when they were younger, but think you shouldn't be doing once you reach 25.

1. dan_jeffers says:

Looking down on stuff you liked as a teen because you're too old for it.

2. LeonidasSpacemanMD says:

I think that age 19-20ish was when I realized how dumb it was to be embarrassed about hobbies and interests.

3. PralineCommercial495 says:

Not being able to do basic chores yourself and relying at parents/partners to do them for you. (I think I read too many AITAs).

MysticalSylph gives this example:

I'm 30 and sadly was so pampered and taken care of until like 23, even after moving out from my dad's at 18, that I'm still learning new basic things. In fact just earlier today my sister was over and showed me the proper way to sweep.

4. Electrical_Soft3468 says:

Not cleaning up after yourself.

5. shawnaeatscats says:

The swing with the leg holes at the park :(

6. doublestitch says:

For starting a career as a competitive gymnast.

7. Difficult_Box_2825 says:

Too young to die. And too old to eat off the kids menu. What a stupid age.

8. Infamous-Arm3955 says:

Learning that actions have consequences. You can’t just undo things or backpedal your way through life.

9. Different_Weekend817 says:

having a temper tantrum

10. waltjrimmer says:

A banana. Most bananas I get barely last a week. I think that after 25 years, it's time to throw it out.

11. Merry_Pippins says:

Worrying what other people think.

It was such a great day when I realized I didn't have to keep seeking ambiguous approval from random people. Sure, there's people whose opinions I value, but as for the general public, I don't have to try and appease some 'norms' and I can relax into being myself.

12. estoka says:

Going to high school drinking parties. Stop being a damn creep.

13. Professional-Yak4361 says:

Screaming 'I'M DOOOONE' when on the toilet.

14. coffeeaddictwithadhd says:

Too old for drama and fake friends.

15. Rikbiel says:

Making mistakes and blaming everyone else, thus never learning and living in a cycle of bad choices due to lack of self awareness.

16. hiphipjorge2323 says:

Committing petty crimes. 25 is just about the age where what I call The Newspaper Effect starts to set in. If you read 'Local man, 24, arrested for (insert petty crime)' you think he's just a kid. If you read the same thing about someone 25+ you assume they're a piece of trash that won't get their life together.

17. Inside_Speaker3166 says:

I'm gonna say drinking everyday/ too much partying. Cool it down before it's too late.

18. somanystuff says:

For thinking you are too old for arbitrary things. Stay youthful people. Do whatever makes you happy (within reason)

So there you have it! Grow up. Don't grow up. Tell us, what do you think 25 is too old for?

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